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My Piano Playing :) (Arabesque n.1 from Debussy
Posted on: September 2, 2007, at 02:39:27pm

  1. RAWR!! sexii girl playing piano :O

  2. WHOA! That's So Cool! I tried Piano Lessons. Didn't work out. I can only play my flute and guitar.

  3. wow good job!

  4. thank youuu ^^

  5. I didn't really like playing that piece, but you played it very well good job :]

  6. Nice job!

  7. Amazing!

  8. beutiful simply beutiful ur skills on the piano and u^,^

  9. Wow your good,a whole lot better than me i'll tell u that righ there. (^^)

  10. WOW...thats awesome...i dont do piano or even like classical but this is really good ^^

  11. Do you record any of your stuff? I can probably make it into simfiles. ^_^

  12. awwww... your amazing =)))))
    im so gonna start practicing piano again lol

  13. nice tone, good understanding of the piece. As you grow older you should revisit the piece, working on some technical problems and working on bringing out more melodic and harmonic lines. A great performance though, certainly regarding your age!
    If you like Debussy, try his Suite Bergamesque and his Preludes (some will be too hard, but there are very playable pieces there as well). If you're into French fin-de siecle music, consider doing some Ravel or Poulenc. Ravel's Sonatine and Poulenc's Improvisations arent easy, but you will find it worth your time. Keep up the good work;)

  14. good job u sound great. as a viola player i am obviously in an orchestra and i get into all south jersey and all state they don't have pianos in there but i know good music and that was (from wut i can hear) flawless once again good job

  15. not bad not bad, from a fellow pianist haha should check out my vidz :D