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If I had the chance to do anything in the world...
Posted on: November 16, 2011, at 05:54:36pm

Lately my friend and only friend in school (because everyone apparently hates me thanks to dumb rumors) in school has been asking me what would I do if I had the chance to do anything in the world. I thought hard about it really. Sat down and wasted a few hours of my time of my homework to think this through. xD well....I think I want to be a dictator. Not the ones that are all evil and stuff. I want to be a different dictator. Like i want to be the one to actually stop all the crime and the BS that has been circle-ling around our schools, our streets and even our homes. I want to stop the crimes, the suicides many kids commit because of the bullying and the harassing, to stop rumors at their tracks before someone gets hurt, to stop the drug dealing in the streets and states, to unite all the countries into one big sharing one(and call it something freaking awesome or cool lol), to have everyone to try and understand each other, to reduce some of the poverty we have, to help those abused animals, to help abused victims, and all those thingies that I have in my head but don't want to bored you guys with. I wanna bring an end to that and begin new things by just ruling the world :D even if it lasts short xD. I don't know, is it weird to have such a strange wish? o-o I guess I want too much in life to see a perfect world XD what do you guys think? o-o what is the answer to the question for you? and why! :O

  1. Make the people in my neighborhood nicer so I could go out in public even without a skirt on and not be called a f****t

  2. >D ok

  3. And I did!!!