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Well, hello. I'm Alec and play FFR.
Gaming, running & singing in the shower.
Fav Music:
Rap, rock, & any type of techno & trance (dubstep, house, dance, etc.)
Fav Movies:
Horror and comedy.
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Posted on: July 8, 2012, at 02:08:57pm   [0 comments]
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His_Loser17 writes at 6:33:24pm on 7/2/12
samurai7694 writes at 2:05:09pm on 7/6/11
lol ya from what I was told in the SM community, the bottom row helps with wrist jacking, so it's an advantage when playing harder files.
samurai7694 writes at 2:02:39pm on 7/6/11
oh, if you mean profile, then centered. a friend of mine did all the work, not me x.x but it was nice of him to give it as a gift free of charge
samurai7694 writes at 2:01:47pm on 7/6/11
zx ,. (spread)
samurai7694 writes at 1:52:40pm on 7/6/11
on FFR? DossarLX ODI. Other than him, no one has sup'd my AAA count
samurai7694 writes at 1:30:39pm on 7/6/11
A Quick Death. I can probably get it soon, once I'm not lazy... x.x
Etylukah writes at 3:21:38pm on 12/16/09
In your profile, there's a list of things you can click on on the top bar. One of them is 'Random Thoughts'. It's like right over your name.
Etylukah writes at 3:15:55pm on 12/16/09
Just make a random thought and copy the link of your vid.
Adamaja456 writes at 6:32:50pm on 12/14/09
you have to pay 3.50 a month to be a elite supporter, and you have to buy the music album to unlock the support tokens
"support the artist by buying the album and you get the token"
Adamaja456 writes at 4:21:44pm on 12/12/09
yea, thats because the replay engine still has the average miss glitch. they fixed it in the game, but it still shows up on your replays so if youre playing a song and FC and get missing in the replay, thats the reason