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i got videos :)
Posted on: December 17, 2007, at 09:48:25am   [0 comments]
hey guys, i finally got some videos of my AAA'ing songs using my eyes, check forum f1 talk for vid, have fun and remember, dont hate :D

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Phynx writes...
at 12:59:15pm on 1/6/08
AIM - xXInsane GordoXx - Want to talk to you about your program.
andili writes...
at 4:15:20pm on 12/29/07
teh sheep :( it's gone!!
ninjaKIWI writes...
at 7:29:59pm on 12/20/07
afronova1127 writes...
at 6:24:12pm on 12/17/07
no matter what people say i actually think your situation is pretty funny and really kick ass. Whether ur legit or not u still have the coolest avatar and at least ur not an ass about this GO YOU! XD
XpTrIpPyNeSsXd writes...
at 11:09:09am on 12/17/07
WEll he had convincing videos.
I'm not gonna lie, I was convinced for awhile.
AT least once his level ranks get deleted I'll be number one in new england finally :D
XpTrIpPyNeSsXd writes...
at 10:58:21am on 12/17/07
Haha, man I was hoping you were legit. At least you were honest though. And you outed Rubix. Good job :D
Mitchtyler writes...
at 10:54:06am on 12/17/07
Mitchtyler writes...
at 10:51:03am on 12/17/07
k added you.
finaaal writes...
at 10:45:24am on 12/17/07
Mitchtyler writes...
at 10:42:53am on 12/17/07
meh i dnt like profile chat, i got msn tho. Whats urs?
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