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death wish 2
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death wish 2's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
Well, I don't really know. I need new friends to text and stuffness. :D My name is Miranda Panda, message me, PM me? It's whatever. By the way, by all my information I may seem mean but I pwomise I'm really nice. c: 3
Music, music, music. And MORE musc. I fucking love music! And I fuing hate society, people, and the government. If ou have a problem with me, kiss my white shiny ass and FUCK CHOO!
Fav Music:
I love hardcore, metalcore, grindcore, deathcore and anything that ends in core except emocore. And I love moshing.
Fav Movies:
GINGER SNPS MO FUCKAS! Watch gone do about it? NOTHING! MUSHROOMS! Lmao. Watch it, its a really good gorey movie series. :)
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Maxamillion692 writes...
at 10:28:34pm on 8/24/12
Not sure if u remember me from like 08 i think...but i wanna say hey :)
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 3:11:21pm on 7/3/11
ive been alright i guess ^-^', just working at some job while i figure out what i wanna pursue o:
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 5:53:35am on 6/30/11
hey noob :)
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 11:30:07pm on 6/15/11
i dont remember D; ...my memory fails, so um how have u been?
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 10:34:50am on 6/15/11
youre pretty :D
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 10:15:30am on 6/15/11
hello :)
tatsuki_kei writes...
at 7:15:00pm on 6/13/11
thx for you btf
Giovanni_00 writes...
at 6:12:31pm on 6/13/11
kid ? lol :P bleh nm..too much to put into a little paragraph since im in no mood to type a lot today, but i only recognize ur name ..i dont really get on this thing too much anymore ^-^, um hbu? how do u remember me o:?
Lazer140 writes...
at 2:47:55pm on 6/13/11
now u feel my pain
Lazer140 writes...
at 2:46:29pm on 6/13/11
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