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idk stalker? wtf D:
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any rock!!!
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i love you writes...
at 2:57:20pm on 12/28/10
Haha yeah, i used to be addicted to this game a while back so i ended up playing this game for a while. I quit about a year and a half ago but it's funny that my stats still looks decent. I used to be overall rank 3 and average rank 2 lol
i love you writes...
at 2:26:41am on 12/28/10
Thanks xD
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 8:48:16am on 3/27/09
yeah, i saw. :D
any plans this weekend?
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 8:45:29am on 3/25/09
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 8:58:22am on 3/24/09
i cant get on msn with this laptop so you have to add me :)
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 2:42:34pm on 3/23/09
can you add me instead? :D
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 8:58:27am on 3/23/09
i miss you too.
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 9:43:25am on 3/3/09
hi anthony :)
how are you?
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 1:06:34pm on 1/5/09
thanks anthony :]
Ladii-SOULJAH writes...
at 7:20:47pm on 12/19/08
who's may?
your gf? sorry, im a bit slow. ;D
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