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TheThong writes at 1:51:48am on 10/22/12
Jax685 writes at 12:39:24pm on 3/30/12
ThaCoolness writes at 11:49:45am on 3/10/12
Tier pointbius
TheThong writes at 8:03:08pm on 12/25/11
Thank you!! My Christmas celebrations were great. Had a big family party. :) Glad that you're having a blast! :D
TheThong writes at 4:00:50am on 12/25/11
Merry Christmas Trivalent! :) Hope you had a good one (whether you celebrate or not). :)
TheThong writes at 9:47:12pm on 12/22/11
Woah, your stats have gotten really good! (I think? Unless I'm seeing things haha). Niiiiiice! Anyway...haha! Keep breathing. XD And may the best whore'er get to the next round! :p
TheThong writes at 4:33:31am on 12/22/11
Yay for top 8! *high five* :)
kairi50 writes at 9:20:19pm on 12/19/11
sweet :3
kairi50 writes at 1:26:05am on 12/19/11
whats sup? :)
sanzath writes at 10:19:04pm on 12/17/11
Well in my opinion, since it's meant to separate the goods from the bads, it'd have to be something quite harder that nobody can AAA and that's maybe even difficultly FCable, but probably still readable, for the people of that division. Still, I really don't know yet, since we haven't had a TB round yet :P