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Hey. I'm Stormy. Theres not really much to say about me. I came here for the games, not really the community. I'd be happy to talk if you want to though. :) I'm 17, and I live in Cali. I've never really felt at home where I am now. my curiosity is always urging me to explore. I seem shy at first, but its really only because i don't feel like talking with people 24/7. I'm extremely loyal to the friends that I have. I have the gift of seeing the good in people, even if there's only a little. I learn by listening, so if you ever need someone to talk to or listen, i am here. I love food(who doesn't?). I eat way too much for my own good, but its probably because of my metabolism; i'm like 5'8. i love watercolor paints and some types of art like sculpture and ceramics. I have a dog, named Jett. I also had two pet rats, Star and Stormy (yes, Stormy became my name on the internet when i was 12.) I also play acoustic guitar. it sounds pretty. I love my head band that ties around my head. I have a wonderful boyfriend (boys, i'm asking you now to not flirt with me, plain and simple), who likes me for the crazy, insane individual that I am. I'm not as active on FFR, so don't feel hurt or upset if i don't respond to you quickly. <3
Soccer (been playing it for 10 years now), music, contemplating, sleeping, computers, some types of gaming, drawing, food, swimming, friends, other random stuff....life...
Fav Music:
Electronica, Drum and Bass, R&B, Alternative and Classic Rock...pretty much anything that has a good beat, except country. country sucks >:p
Fav Movies:
Anything but horror movies. Horror crap scares the shit out of me everytime.
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Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 3:55:58am on 6/16/13
Nickersnicker writes...
at 11:05:24am on 12/3/11
hi sussanah!!! its me malachy, it turns out i have another account, yay!!!!! i sent you a friend request!!!
Bobogoobo writes...
at 9:36:39am on 11/16/11
Cool :D
Van Nguyen writes...
at 8:58:30pm on 12/9/10
nope lol
Van Nguyen writes...
at 6:15:25am on 12/1/10
oh lol :) um im just on facebook and myspace xD lol playin game apps and what not
Van Nguyen writes...
at 6:53:34am on 11/28/10
hey whats up? :)
Rasengan022 writes...
at 7:44:43am on 12/3/09
well i just want to make sure your as warm as possible :)
and yeah thats true i agree!
Rasengan022 writes...
at 1:04:01am on 12/3/09
oh wow thats very cold!
if i was there i would hug you to keep you warm alot!
Rasengan022 writes...
at 10:37:16pm on 12/2/09
haha i wish i live in texas and its always hot
so no :/
Rasengan022 writes...
at 8:32:58pm on 12/2/09
i know me either :/
im very cold right now it sucks :(
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