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behanjc & me are <3'ers
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Sunny Side UpJig22-12-07
Outside the SkiesEasy Listening15-05-08
Washamanoose's OPFunky Jazz20-10-08
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Bicycle BreakBig Band20-04-07
PARANOiA ~Darkness Mix~Jungle Mixture05-08-07
NanairopandaLounge Pop09-12-07
Crazy Hair DayJazzy Blues09-12-07
Sunny Side UpJig22-12-07
Blue RoseTrio Jazz26-03-08
Death PianoPiano Quartet01-04-08
going on -spring wind-High Jazzy Pop24-05-08
Kil StageTouhou 215-07-08
==Planet KARMA==New Age Fusion14-09-08
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Posted on: October 21, 2007, at 05:36:21pm   [102 comments]
lol ffr

Profile colors.
Posted on: September 9, 2007, at 09:01:25pm   [1 comment]

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klimtkiller writes...
at 3:07:10pm on 10/21/14
if you made the last 4 notes of blue rose to troll people who thought the song was over, it worked xP i messed up my aaa on those last 4 notes lol. finally aaa'd now tho
Alioth writes...
at 4:48:42pm on 3/22/14
Heya~ :D
moches writes...
at 7:49:52am on 1/27/13
here you go ahahahaha
lumphoboextreme writes...
at 7:16:03pm on 12/30/12
added you on my new acct. also taric is my 2nd main atm and i see you're maining him. you should teach me to play him better/see what i'm doing wrong.
0o0 writes...
at 1:57:05pm on 11/2/12
"we're not dead yet"
Mau5 writes...
at 8:57:15pm on 4/13/12
I love you for Planet Karma :p
iwbed writes...
at 3:24:21am on 3/7/12
never forget
0 writes...
at 4:16:18am on 2/28/12
in memory of
ronny segalowitch writes...
at 10:57:09am on 1/28/12
Sidek writes...
at 6:41:23pm on 8/19/11
were is your here we go file??
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