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Posted on: November 28, 2008, at 05:44:06pm

  1. 1 hand looks hard O_o ..xD come in...u suck ..lolol

  2. I filmed this...just making sure I get all credit deserved! xD

  3. HAHAHA yesh you did, and next time were using the TRIPOD. Just Saying. :P

  4. That's fucking impressive. I sorely regret having lost access to an FFR/SM viable keyboard for almost 2 years - my skills are practically gone. :( However, I may try and become good again....so keep your guard up.

  5. wow nice skills, I also play one-handed and I hope one day I'll be that good

  6. I can barely FC that with two hands. Wow, thats awesome.

  7. lol why is this still your lowest rank in your level stats >.>

  8. GJ I managed to AAA, but not one-handed. I could barely pass it one-handed. You got skills.

  9. if only i hadn't this blasted little right finger paralysis everytime i extend my arm,i'd be better.
    You performed like a god. btw plz tell me how i watch my replays,so i can...errr show 'em to myself,'cause my skills are total garbage.

  10. Damn...sick. Lol "I will kick you right in the balls." But i dont have balls. "Heh i know. xD

  11. "I will kick you right in the balls" ..."but I don't have balls"?... Yours are made of steal because of your pro one-handedness! xD
    (See what I did there)
    but seriously mad props Keep Going!!! :D

  12. wow...i cannot do tht lol

  13. its fun to watch this, it reminds me of index during the parts where you slide your finger quickly over to keys. sick dude

  14. fake

  15. You wish hehe

  16. i like how evey is saying good and im just like wow. his voice was deep xD but seriously good job

  17. lol, try using the other hand. o.O

  18. I give more credit to Joe for having this recorded....his one handed filming skill just full combo'd...and yet sk8er got a couple misses and boo's. Well earned credit Joe... well earned credit. lol

  19. hahahaha yeah, right :O

  20. Quick AAA Bomb the Base.

  21. Easy peasy :P

  22. you should have done OH like icyworld.
    his set up is [space] m , .