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Sonnet - Sunlight
Posted on: December 16, 2009, at 12:07:39am

In this modern world there is but a pause.

No time to stand and talk or sit and think.

Never wonder why or how, just because.

Write a letter with invisable ink.

With but one click it zooms through cyber space.

Everyone is moving faster now.

Take a left, dont stop, its all a haze.

The curtains rise, step foward, take a bow.

This life is an act. Its all a lie.

Material gain is all that matters.

In designer clothing is how we die.

No love, no life, now you lie in tatters.

If once you looked up, Id be alright.

For if you gazed above, youd see sunlight

i wrote this for class, leave a comment :3 i like critisizem

  1. WOW!!! this is truely amazing!! i dont think that it needs any improvements what so ever :) Excelent job!

  2. wow sam ur are truely talented.....this is a beautiful poem....just like u :D...but you do not need to fix this poem...its perfect :D

  3. Do a collaboration with me pleazse?
    I'd be honored.

  4. Hey I think this was good actually. I like the flow of it. Has a interesting beginning all the way to an end. Nice job.

  5. lol thanks ^-^