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KrimsonKrisy writes at 3:54:54pm on 2/26/11
well you're a cutie, would you care to get to know me a little better on fb? ;)
RockerSam writes at 4:40:13am on 12/20/09
n.n good i cant wait either
RockerSam writes at 12:48:15pm on 12/19/09
:D i'd lov 2 see them and its okay im not gonna b on much today either cuz im going over 2 a friends house 2 start the cooking project :P n.n i hope u hav an awesome time at the baby shower and wish ur sis congratulations 4 me k =^-^=
RockerSam writes at 6:57:15pm on 12/18/09
TADA! UR NEW SIGN n.n hope u like it :P
RockerSam writes at 5:17:12pm on 12/18/09
good n.n ima make u a sign 4 christmas btw :P
RockerSam writes at 3:08:29pm on 12/18/09
lol nice good luck wit the baby shower ^-^
RockerSam writes at 7:38:08pm on 12/17/09
DYLAN!!!!!!!! SPEAK 2 ME!!!
RockerSam writes at 5:30:16pm on 12/17/09
...dylan... u alrite?
RockerSam writes at 3:15:20pm on 12/17/09
awwwwe poor dylan :( lmao i just remembered wat u told me bout ur teacher liken u XD wat did she say 2 u hahaha
RockerSam writes at 7:53:10am on 12/17/09
omg.. im so late 2 skool rite now XD sleped in oh well i'll go during 2nd period :P