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manga_freak101 writes...
at 5:23:22pm on 1/30/11
haha i see yeah i havent really been into ffr lately its like what i do when im bored bored...and im fine =] hows you?
haha sorry guess ill change my background xD i mostly look at my older comments instead of my profile cuz i end up getting bombarded with so many comments so i dont really look at my bg much xD
manga_freak101 writes...
at 1:24:35am on 1/27/11
you is very very welcome n_n whats up?
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 2:24:20pm on 12/30/10
Nocturne is just a term to describe like a dark/dreamy portrait through music or art, almost like a nightscape. "A un amic" is "to a friend" in catalan. I put them together, this profile was made for my friend who died a year and a half ago.
Yuuka Kazami writes...
at 2:14:16am on 12/26/10
Merry Christmas :D
NocturneAunamic writes...
at 1:28:45pm on 12/23/10
np dude.
_Areyano_ writes...
at 3:24:07am on 12/22/10
my favorite FF game would be 8,squall and zell have to be my favorites,but 7 is good too xP,still have that disc set of ff7, i hear theres a possible remake of 7 on ps3,cant wait for that to be announced,if even in progress. defiantly want that marvel vs. cap.3 next year though.
_Areyano_ writes...
at 12:45:44am on 12/22/10
ha almost,just had to stop by to give that thumbs up for that amazing setup you have going,you draw the ava. yourself?,either way good all around.
Yuuka Kazami writes...
at 11:54:14pm on 12/21/10
haha maybe but it doesnt really matter as long as you have your own imagination xD
Yuuka Kazami writes...
at 11:40:05pm on 12/21/10
i still watch anime even though my mom said i need to stop xD
Yuuka Kazami writes...
at 11:32:56pm on 12/21/10
haha xD ill try watching a few maybe some time =3
i mostly like bleach, FMA, and full metal panic
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