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BoredAholic writes...
at 1:14:08am on 7/28/16
i accidentally got excited and hit all the notes at the end of zodiac LOL thats why i have the boo and average :P
BoredAholic writes...
at 1:11:42am on 7/28/16
BoredAholic writes...
at 1:07:19am on 7/28/16
BoredAholic writes...
at 1:04:52am on 7/28/16
Azpb Djbread writes...
at 6:15:31pm on 7/26/16
Do you know if Rapta is okay?
klimtkiller writes...
at 8:21:55pm on 7/23/16
hey do you know how rapta's doing?
Red Blaster writes...
at 8:10:24pm on 7/23/16
Contact me asap please
Rapta writes...
at 5:09:06am on 10/27/14
Go get a picture from somewhere and make it your profile picture! ' - '
Rapta writes...
at 8:38:46am on 9/6/14
1v1 me quickscopes only bring ur giraffe.
_DJ Vinyl_ writes...
at 12:43:25pm on 6/17/14
third person to post on your wall.
_DJ Vinyl_
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