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Azpb Djbread

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I'm a music producer, i love gaming, and i always stay optimistic!
Music, games, fast pace action, colors.
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Cartoons, comedy.
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Location:Pheonix, Arizona, USA
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Dinglesberry writes at 7:40:00pm on 5/17/19
komo#9331 add me up fam
melonpapes writes at 11:27:07pm on 3/19/19
Azpb Djbread writes at 8:22:44pm on 3/17/19
hey people browsing my profile my discord is Helious#8755
i just don't play rhythm games all that much any more lol
Charu writes at 10:57:04am on 3/13/19
FirstMaple8 writes at 9:48:05pm on 3/12/19
ay bro i miss u
MarioNintendo writes at 6:47:14am on 5/28/18
That's very sweet :)
FirstMaple8 writes at 5:01:16pm on 5/27/18
ayy! my boi! Welcome Back!!!
MarioNintendo writes at 11:19:04am on 5/27/18
I might not be able to at this time, sorry. I'm flattered you thought of me, though. :)
science666 writes at 6:45:44am on 6/17/17
u fight me right now sunny
Dinglesberry writes at 4:59:07pm on 6/16/17
i only play melee :( i havent played recently, pm me ur discord name tho and ill add u there and we can play netplay tho if u do that