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LOCATION: DEEPGROUND OCCUPATION: BANDIT Okay, so I'm an anime fan and a yaoi fangirl (homophobes DON'T wanna know). I go to local anime conventions. I'm easy to get along with, but I would sugguest NOT pissing me off. I wanna be strong and tough. I SUCK at verbal fights, mostly because I believe in solving things in the back alleys. Buy me a yaoi doujinshi and I'll love you forever! :D <3 I'm picky about my yaoi, though. >3> ~ I have a question for those people reading this. I thought about having my username be "PrincessOfBandits". Okay, so to the point. I know what's done is done, but, what username would you say is better: "PrincessOfBandits" or "KaiLancer"?
yaoi, anime, manga, music, etc.
Fav Music:
techno, rave, dance, j-pop, j-rock, j-metal, rock, meatal, heavy metal, death metal
Fav Movies:
Beyblade, Bleach, King of Bandits: Jing, Death Note, Devil May Cry, Fate/Stay Night, Tenchi, Ex-Drivers, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Gunslinger Girls, Returner, Angel's Feather, Ghost Stories, Zoids: Chaotic Century, Yukikaze, Miyazaki-sensei's films, Amazing Robotic Cat-girl Nuku Nuku: TV, Bottle Fairy, Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Hare + Guu, Azumanga Daioh, Disgaea, Final Fantasy (Advent Children, Spirits Within), Saber Marrionette J/AGAIN/J-X, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more that will come to me later...
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KaiLancer writes at 1:35:50pm on 1/17/11
haven't been on in so long...damn.
crazykitty66 writes at 7:47:58pm on 10/13/08
nah yael
crazykitty66 writes at 7:45:38pm on 10/13/08
hey thnx for addin me =) <3
crazykitty66 writes at 4:34:23pm on 10/3/08
kitty was here! =D
HoodedRaccoon writes at 4:35:11pm on 9/12/08
Hey good how about you?
Roxas_d34th writes at 1:33:27pm on 9/7/08
haha... me too.
and no. i didn't go crazy. ffr is making the laptop freeze!!ahh! its getting me very angry.
>:[] haha soo cute!
Roxas_d34th writes at 2:27:44pm on 9/6/08
did you draw yur backround??
im pretty sure you did.. haha :D
SioloiS writes at 11:34:34am on 9/6/08
it was okay, but now i'm really tired.
Roxas_d34th writes at 9:02:41pm on 9/4/08
now im going crazy!!
Roxas_d34th writes at 8:26:29pm on 9/4/08
what the heck??
hmm.. why is the BAD underlined in my last comment?
oh well. that bothers me