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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Im pretty low laid, enjoy hangin out with friends! I like music, Girls, Baseball, and enjoy sk8ing also. Im on the computer alot, internet alot... couldnt live with out it :)
Cod4, N4S, Skate 2, SKATING !
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Red Hot Chilli Peppers , Sublime , POD , Linkin Park , ACDC , and many more !
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Yes Man Hang Over
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~Infested Legacy's~ FC's & AAA's
Posted on: August 15, 2009, at 02:38:15pm   [0 comments]
FC's: 50

When: 8/15/09 12:08

AAA's: 10

When: 8/17/09 12:11

[X] 50 FC's 8/15/09
[] 100 FC's
[] 200 FC's
[] 300 FC's
[] 400 FC's
[] 500 FC's
[] 600 FC's
[] 700 FC's
[] 722 FC's

[X] 5 AAA's 8/15/09
[X] 10 AAA's 8/18/09
[] 50 AAA's
[] 100 AAA's

Comment wall
Kimmy Kins writes...
at 7:09:16pm on 8/28/09
You're welcome~
mfdat phantom writes...
at 8:17:03pm on 8/25/09
you were. but the others beat your scores. so you lost... sorry
Kimmy Kins writes...
at 7:40:13pm on 8/25/09
There you go.
Kimmy Kins writes...
at 6:58:48pm on 8/24/09
Download Photoshop Brushes..o o
Quigly writes...
at 10:12:56pm on 8/23/09
i don't use photoshop haha.
ic0slay3r writes...
at 9:33:16pm on 8/20/09
no seriously when you are going to post a score use [IMG][/IMG] instead of [url]
just change those 3 letters and that way we can see the screenshot without having to follow a link.
If you still dont understand PM me.
mfdat phantom writes...
at 8:24:32pm on 8/20/09
We let you stay this time. but next time please contact me or ic0slay3r if you have a problem. go play the song :]
Quigly writes...
at 10:51:58pm on 8/19/09
haha glad you like it. =)
Quigly writes...
at 9:37:07pm on 8/19/09
ps this is definitely one of my better works.
hope you enjoy. =)
Quigly writes...
at 9:35:31pm on 8/19/09
alright here ya go.
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