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popular osu! Game Boy musician / formerly GammaBlaster
Music theory, sound engineering, computer science, puzzle games, politics, history, literature
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Jazz, contemporary, electronic, classical
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The Candy Corn WitchChiptune31-10-18
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rayword45 writes at 10:45:44am on 2/10/19
i never answered your question on my profile
Yes it bad
mrpreggers writes at 6:16:55pm on 1/14/19
big birth
ilikexd writes at 8:51:13pm on 12/22/18
I Broke My Gameboy
ilikexd writes at 6:22:26pm on 12/9/18
Tomorrow Doesn't Exist Yet
ilikexd writes at 8:05:32pm on 12/4/18
nanas3 writes at 12:21:16pm on 10/26/18
melonpapes writes at 9:01:48pm on 9/26/18
weird James Cameron avatar furry
FirstMaple8 writes at 3:28:25am on 7/18/18
i also have no consistancy of hitting easy patterns with good acc, like i always hit too early or even too late if i try to correct it. so i can hardly AAA 60's even though im lv 90 lol
FirstMaple8 writes at 3:26:47am on 7/18/18
is 244hz unnessary? cause i found one for $100
FirstMaple8 writes at 1:33:30am on 7/18/18
how is ur acc so good wtf