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andili writes...
at 3:03:26am on 11/9/07
o.o I have no clue, because I started out with spread...:( all the songs are suitable for practicing spread.
andili writes...
at 6:57:51am on 11/8/07
1 handed XD.
JKJK I'm spread.
andili writes...
at 10:06:48pm on 11/7/07
I assume...you are index? usually...index people have nice PA...
Green-Hunter writes...
at 4:17:12pm on 11/7/07
What the hell?? -.-
andili writes...
at 2:41:41pm on 11/7/07
nice aaa/fc rank stats
omegawhitemage writes...
at 11:08:55am on 11/4/07
i have no idea how u r so good on a fucking laptop
Anbu_CooKie writes...
at 9:46:08am on 11/2/07
np :D
Sarsi03 writes...
at 3:22:21pm on 10/28/07
Props to you on being a fellow Radiohead fan it appears!
omegawhitemage writes...
at 2:21:58pm on 10/2/07
props to you on getting so fucking good so fast man, damn good shit
omegawhitemage writes...
at 9:07:40am on 9/12/07
that's what corey sez too
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