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Skill Token Tips From Engler #1: THE BLACK TOKEN
Posted on: August 20, 2007, at 01:02:48pm

Hello, friends. I wish to give you tips on how to get skill tokens. I can only give you tips on tokens that I have unlocked myself. I will update this every time I get a new skill token.


Token 1: AAAing easy songs isn't ...well, easy. Autofail doesn't work for everyone, as it makes some people nervous. Play through the whole song, even if you get a good or two. If you get to know the song, AAAing it will be much easier.

Token 2: Dazzling Soul is not an easy FC. Jumpstreams can be very difficult for some people. I wouldn't normally recommend doing this, but if you have to, mash your way through the difficult streams, and hopefully you should be able to FC the rest of the song. Also, don't get nervous when your combo gets big. If you keep your cool, you will do much better.

Token 3: Hoo boy, this is a toughie. My best advice is to turn off the volume, as Hellbeat is rather off-sync. Using a fast speedmod will also help you big time (1.50, 1.75, 2.0). It's OK to mash a tad on the tight streams, especially where that one evil jack is. Besides that, just keep the beat with your finger taps, and you should be able to get Hellbeat V2.

Token 4: Ahh, a nice, easy token. If you're decent at FFR, this should be a piece of cake. If you're an FFR noob, you may have some problems. You shouldn't have to mash too much on this, but if it comes to that, so be it. All that matters is survival. Within a matter of tries, you should be able to pass Torinouta. If you can't, well....keep practicing.

Token 5: Oh my, they just keep getting easier. Almost no one should have trouble getting First Try on their first try, but if you are experiencing difficulties, don't fret. When you get to Yoshi Bonus Round, brace yourself. Instead of looking at the big stream as a whole, try looking at it in pieces. This should help you read the arrows. Apart from that, just stay calm, and you should be able to get First Try.

Token 6: At first, trying to get UNKnown Girl will seem impossible. I mean, the most credits you've ever gotten on a song is 20. So what now? I'll tell you what. Play Song Of The Nhionjins or Bicycle Break, and do your very best. Eventually, you should be able to get 40 credits. If you're still experiencing problems, save this one for later and keep practicing.

Token 7: This is definitely not a token for noobs. I suggest playing the GB3 over and over again, until you inevitably SDG it. I mean, cmon guys, I know you can get 9 goods or lower. There really is not secret or trick to this one. Once you have the sonh down pat, your accuracy will be way better. Eventually, you'll get it. I believe in you.

Token 8: To get BB Revenge, try not to mash. This will seem hard at first, but you should be able to reduce the amount of mashing you do on BB EVO the more you play it. Also, during the easy parts, miss plenty of arrows on purpose, BUT DON'T DIE. This is probably the biggest obstacle for people trying to get token 8. So remember, mashing is a no-no, and dying is also a no-no. This one shouldn't be too difficult.

Token 9: Ugh, this token brings up awful memories. My best advice for you is to put on a very high speed mod (2.0 and up). Also, turn off the music, and reverse screen-cut (make it so you can only see the very bottom of the arrows). When you start to get a bunch of goods in a row, keep that beat with your finger taps, and don't let all the goods, averages, and boos confuse you. Autofail is very helpful for this particular token Set your autofail to 50 perfects. At first, you may screw up, but keep trying, and you'll get it. I know you will.

Token 10: To unlock Manhattan Sapphire, I recommend getting the good at the very beginning of Life Goes On. Once you get your single good, AAA the rest of the song. If you're having problems getting it, try AAAing the song. Don't even think about getting a good. Just try your best to AAA, and chances are, a random good will pop up. If it helps you, set autofail to 2 goods.


I truly hope that my tips have helped you unlock tokens. I had a lot of fun with this. May all of your skill token dreams come true.

Good luck,


  1. hey thanks :D

  2. thanks for the tips =)

  3. so lol for gb2 you have to fc and single digit good it? or can i just skip arrows and and get lots off misses and still get a sdg

  4. This is awesome.
    I'll try to remeber this by the time I get better at FFR. :]

  5. Spinning with you the best thing i found was 1.0 and screen cut to where you have an 1 inch or less below the arrows (above if you are a reverse player) then just try to pass since you'll be hitting them mostly late anyway. Do the Same thing for Snowflakes to get another token ;)