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Posted on: May 11, 2008, at 10:56:08am

-The Divine Suicide of K [Heavy]
-Novo mundo
-Southern Cross
-None would escape
-Going on spring wind
-Lawn wake IV

And more to come! :)

  1. All hail Norway!
    Hehe, vi har nordmenn så lavt som på rank 30ish da ;) Pluss en ti-tolv stykker som drar fmos! dumdum

  2. Nice first FMO FC on a long song. =)

  3. Omg. You FCed The Divine Suicide of K[Heavy]? I haven't done that yet!

  4. FC Choprite

  5. hehe nice FMO FCs! Synd at jeg har mer xP et par FGO FCs kanskje?