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Comment wall
virus003 writes...
at 1:50:38pm on 10/24/10
sup dawg
i honestly never use msn anymore
but i might sign on
p-at-rick writes...
at 9:54:40am on 10/23/10
thanks for da vote :D
Frozen Beat writes...
at 10:28:32pm on 10/22/10
Nonono, that was a beautiful explanation, in fact, I'm keeping it on my wall O___O
Frozen Beat writes...
at 9:59:06pm on 10/22/10
rooofl nice, hwo did it feel? were you conscious while intoxicated?
Frozen Beat writes...
at 9:55:15pm on 10/22/10
No, we were simply talking about it. DMT is ridiculously toxic, no way in hell any of us would get it, nor try it. It'd probably kill me if I tried it.
Frozen Beat writes...
at 9:51:44pm on 10/22/10
Hmmm. I was studying DMT in chemistry class actually, it's a very interesting chemical.
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 4:37:07am on 12/7/09
First person to post on your wall.