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Stepfiles and such.
Posted on: December 25, 2012, at 12:46:42pm

Figured I'd do this since a couple others have as well, a random thought dedicated to my thoughts on my own files in game currently (possibly future releases too)

Intense Colors (FFR Edit): First file in game, literally one of the first files I ever made. It also went in game before the site had its first major breakdown so that explains the 3+ year gap between this and my next file haha. Definitely mediocre at best, but I can still look back on it and say I tried and put my best effort into it considering 0 previous experience with stepping.

Imaginary Sky: Second file in game, first after the major site breakdown. Heard the song randomly on YT while browsing around and immediately figured that (the cut presently in game) would make a great novice file. Not much too it. Good introduction to grace notes for the newbies.

Since 1983: I wrote up a long-winded thought on this and accidentally deleted it xD. First "big" file in game. Was a bit nervous with song choice just cause it had been stepped already before and was a fairly well known song. It was pretty polarizing when it was released, and to my knowledge people still either love it or hate it. Has some weird polyrhythm patterns that I coulda made a little nicer but I love how the file turned out.

Calling Mars: Made for the special easier song batch. Nothing really special about it, but it's a short fun song. I orig had the 32nds as a trill but figured that woulda been too hard given the rest of the file.

Velaciela: Heard this while browsing through the FFR music perm thread. First time stepping a BMS'esque (im not sure what it is haha) file. Jacks suck, I hate them, not sure why I put them in, oh well. I do remember stepping this pretty much in one sitting just cause the whole song was pretty conducive as a whole and the chart came pretty naturally.

To Make the End of Battle: Not gonna lie this turned out a lot more abrasive than I thought it would. The guitar solos are what really motivated me to step this, the 8th jumpchains that most people hate just came about as a result of me trying to make the file even-keel in difficulty (as well as following multi-layered guitars). Definitely would have changed the 32nds around 2300 combo to a jump-trill cheatable pattern but the file went in game before I got around to changing them (and I never asked the file to be postponed oops). Overall though really happy with how it turned out, this file was also pretty polarizing when it came out, but I figure if the file has people that both love it and despise it, I've done something right in the sense that I created something that has enough character to merit a strong response. (or maybe the patterns were just THAT terrible haha)

Countdown: I've been a fan of Isaac Shepard's piano works ever since I heard them on this flash game on Kongregate that currently slips my mind :( Simple file to a simple song. Was really lucky this had a static bpm. Song in game is a fairly small cut, I highly recommend going on YT and listening to the rest of it if you liked the song. (check out Isaac's other works as well if you like the full song)

Lunar Eclipse - a nation of moon #6: Another file where the chart came to me really naturally. Good slow jumpstream practice for intermediate players. Was a little hesitant on putting hands in at the end but I figured they'd prove a good challenge to match the jumpstream in the midsection of the file.

Kirlian Shores: Oh boy where to begin with this. When I initially heard this song I was hoping and praying someone else would make a stepfile for it because I absolutely loved it, yet it sounded far too complicated for me to make a chart that did the song justice. Well months went by, I improved as a stepartist myself so I figured I'd give it a go. A lot of 0.3x rate guess and checking went into this haha. I initially had a lot more 48th bursts, as well as a 64th/48th burst toward the end but the judges didn't like, so I toned most of them down to halftempo. I still kept the 2 48th walls in the middle breakdown section cause I really felt that was the crazy climax that really gave the song its character (thankfully the judges let it in with those intact). I was also hesitant to send this file in at all cause I honestly had no idea how the judges/community would react to it. Turned out it was a really polarizing chart haha (even though that's actually better than I expected, was expecting the majority to highly dislike this file). This file took me the longest to step, and required countless revisions and a resubmission after its initial rejection, but it is definitely the file I am most proud of currently, and probably my best file to date imo.

Glaciate: Short and sweet file with bpm changes thrown in. Phantasma is awesome

The Ordeal Becomes Great: Whelp, since this is being used in the tourney, people in D6/7 are prolly gonna hate it cause they gotta play it for good score, but aside from that I'm hoping people like this file. Rainbow jumpstreams to kickass guitar solos yay. I'm pretty sure there are 1 or 2 spots in this file that are gonna drive people crazy. I am definitely surprised it's being used for D6/7 round 6 as I figured it wasen't THAT hard but guess I was wrong. =<

Waterfall: This site needs more awesome piano music. Seriously. This whole file is straightforward, and was my first real attempt at manual syncing. Coulda synced it with ddream but I still have no idea how to use ddream haha. Coming from a piano background some of the hands might come off as feeling a bit weird but I stand by what I ultimately ended up with.

OVERklock: What's worse than trills? One handed trills. What's worse than one handed trills? FAST one handed trills. Coulda gotten rid of the one handed trills and made the file much easier, but where's the fun in that? (for the record, I could not care less how [a particular pattern] makes any of my files harder to AAA. If you want the AAA, work for it)

kthnx ~=P

  1. I love the new chart :) Kinda like End of Battle but much quicker

  2. "(for the record, I could not care less how [a particular pattern] makes any of my files harder to AAA. If you want the AAA, work for it)"
    ;_; even with a JKL; setup and switching to index at the one-handed trills, I still keep messing up on the file lmfao

  3. The Ordeal Becomes Great = favourite (a few polyrhythmic sections are a pain to hit, though)
    Kirlian Shores = fun, but the [12][12][12][12][12][1234] thingy was uncalled for

  4. ps sprindex files on FFR are still evil