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Posted on: September 22, 2008, at 08:19:21am


  1. arghzouoweurlln

  2. LKDFJOIEJFOISDJFK = Like Ken Died For Justice, Or I Enjoy Jogging For One Irritating Stalker During the "Jaguar Festival Kingdom" event.

  3. esopfklk;JLIJKDFjsdklfjiJFIJFKLDSfjlIJFliJfiojFLKJGFIjlkLIfjoiegflkJLKFJliJlkJFifjlkJFlkJGEF =
    [ esopfklk; ]
    Eggs splattered on plates--
    fucking kids--
    LOUD kids;
    Just lollygagging...
    I just killed dozens for joy,
    --slayed dozens, dozens killed!!-
    laughing furiously.
    Joyously I,
    Joyously fuckin'--
    ...finding justice largely
    in "justifiably" fuckin'up little idiots--
    joyously fucking idiots over.
    Okay I'm done for now! rofl I have no life.

  4. lakddlsahdaowieahd =)

  5. hmm?

  6. This thought is kool.
    On second thought, your kool too.
    (Yes, purposeful misspelling of your and kool.)

  7. LMFAO! Oh man.. Let me give it a shot then.
    Loving Kesshutsu defys fate: Jaded observations into escalations from originally interepted seductions. ("Destiny just finds Kess.")
    =') That's almost as tragic as my inability to come up with something better.
    Every so often, passive forges knots loosely knitted; jailed lovers interject justifiably, knowing desire fermented joy's superficial demand. Kesshutsu's life found just interrupted.. just found interrupted just for knowing love demanded silence. Failing jokes leave interest jaded, for love is just froth if only jovial follies linger. "Kess, just get fucked," idiots jibe looking kindless. "Lynn is FFR's Jodi O'Keefe in entertainment." Gates forever lock; Kess just lost koncentration. Focus - justice leads inspiration. Jam like Kess just freaking invented fire. Jubilate Lynn, Kess just finds you.. so much m

  8. .. so much more deserving of something better than this crappy spam which I totally broke the rules of obeying the spam letters here at the end cause they were about to run out of length and not say what I meant fully anyway. =D I really really.. adore your shoelaces.
    ._.;;; *click*

  9. Zheant's acronym was a pretty popular idea, it seems.