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Uploaded on December 1, 2007 at 04:01:33am

Picture Comments

  1. HAHA, that was fckn hilarious !

  2. loltsb

  3. Haha I enjoyed the freestyles, guys.

  4. rofl XD

  5. i love how 6 of the rooms don't have any players

  6. Damn Rick rolled

  7. lol still the same mp level but game and rank have like tripedquadedunodoubled

  8. K.O.

  9. Then dude, you just got caught

  10. Cuz if this is all you got

  11. But boy, you better know me

  12. people try to show me

  13. Man, I AM the leader

  14. Cuz I don't even need her

  15. Have a wife but I'd leave her

  16. Cuz I are a beaver

  17. If it is, I gotta say DAM

  18. You Jerry, is that all you got man?

  19. ok im done lol

  20. wtf am I high? quckly, rhyme with ame

  21. but I'd like to see you spam better, youd lose the game

  22. the more I rhyme the more people think im lame

  23. cause im straight up, diomonds in my name

  24. but I felt no pain

  25. a terrorist shot down meh plane

  26. lolipop lane

  27. you put a leash on her but around me shes tame

  28. but then I saw your bitch again and I came

  29. I cant think of much more that rhymes, im almost out of flame

  30. you change each minute but I stay the same

  31. Its not hard when your made of fame

  32. while your sleeping I'll put yo name to shame

  33. when your done take a nap mang

  34. take a lap mang

  35. and made desert of him

  36. and ate fishsticks

  37. and took his bitch

  38. but dont worry, I flipped the switch

  39. he stepped up and ruined it

  40. cause my rhymes are always fluent

  41. but he still cant do it like me

  42. cause hes a young millionaire

  43. darkshark likes to not conform

  44. ROFL the room says "im to sexy" what a noob
    PSSH im to sexy for my shirt...to sexy for my shirt..

  45. haha

  46. I stole this ^^ yes yes I did.

  47. LMFAO

  48. hahahaha good one sick timing lol

  49. O_______O

  50. omfg lol

  51. LOL Perfect timing. XD

  52. It was funnier when Kit- did it the first time. I have the original screenshot of that ;D

  53. 300

  54. lmao. the fact of someone getting kicked right after that made me laugh like hell. XD

  55. lol wow! random quote from 300 lol

  56. HAHAHAHHA! i ripped my freaking stomach when that happened XDD

  57. lmfao. now thats funny