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-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 5:11:24pm on 12/7/09
he edits the first post as the tournament goes on. if your name is still in it, then you're still in (which you are).
he also changes the songs for each round. i believe the song for Intermediate (your division) is The Games We Played Part 5 this round. Kinda funny to me... I find my divisions song much easier than TGWP5 xD.
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 3:34:28pm on 12/7/09
oh yeah, forgot to link you =x
there you go. updates will always be posted in the first post. you can find it by clicking FFR R1 General Talk => Tournaments Subforum
the tourney subforum is located near the top of the page.
T-Force writes...
at 11:15:11pm on 11/25/09
Thanks for the return =)
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 10:34:26pm on 11/22/09
none x.x
are you 100% positive your settings look like these?
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 9:52:31pm on 11/22/09
in case i play more before you see them, it's a 1 good 1 boo run on Toph's OP, followed immediately by a AAA :D
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 4:32:34pm on 11/12/09
I know, it is so funny/ cute
Ryogi writes...
at 11:19:41pm on 11/11/09
nice playing with u....
but holy shit, i dunno u have such a high rank
liamis01177 writes...
at 8:54:22pm on 11/10/09
sozz igot really agngry cause my fingers sliped XD sozz i left
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 8:13:02pm on 11/9/09
okay, now after your image uploads there copy the Direct Link.
then to post that image on our forums, paste that link (URL) into a post. before you post it put this around it [img]IMAGE LINK GOES HERE[/img]
should look like this
N.R.G .:ONYX:. writes...
at 10:20:30pm on 11/6/09
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