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Just wanted to say glad to be back. Not gonna lie though I kinda needed the break from site. Well anyways everyone calls me Jaé and I'm17 and a pretty down to earth person. I like real people not those who are just looking for attention and what not. I can be a bit of a bitch sometimes but I guess I can speak for everyone when I say we all have our bitchy moments. I like to talk and have in depth converstations with people and I don't judge so feel free to pour your heart out cause I'll listen lol :) Um... I'm gay and proud of it and I don't let disapproving opinions slow me down. I'm a strong person and have experienced a lot so don't come to me with any bs. Anything you wanna ask or you wanna chat just hit me up here.
I love many things and probably the biggest is chess. After that comes tennis, musical theatre, school, singing, friends, math, football games, german language and culture, volleyball, badminton, movies, literature, ddr, itg, ffr, soul calibur, school, men, and whole lot of thing I can't seem to think of.
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This is a hard question for me cause I feel like I'm music illiterate. I know of a few artist like la roux, john meyer, corrin bailey ray, lady gaga, beyoncé... god let me stop I suck at this. Um... yay anything that keeps me interested you can say is good music for me.
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Freedom Writers, white chicks, three dancing slaves, legally blonde, titantic (not just the ending,) up, ninja assasin, all the bornes, reno 911 etc.
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Nu0n writes at 8:37:56am on 4/15/13
awww check out the time stamp, i messaged you exactly 1 month after our birthday down to the minute ughhh missed by a few seconds though :P not that i was going for that.
Nu0n writes at 8:36:26am on 4/15/13
nu0n was here
Nu0n writes at 8:35:18am on 3/15/13
happy birthday my friend <3
Hakulyte writes at 3:52:34pm on 12/25/12
Oh, merry christmas as well. \o
xharumoni writes at 8:29:37pm on 10/11/12
You're welcome!
My background's from a Vogue photo shoot with (my inspiration) Tom Ford & model Karen Elson.
Hakulyte writes at 6:33:28pm on 10/11/12
No point to worry about something I can't control.
Hakulyte writes at 12:27:44am on 10/11/12
Still in need really bad to figure out what to do with life @ school and relationships. Everything else is going great as usual. I'm basically still waiting to succeed or fail school to change everything. TLDR; Nothing has changed.
xharumoni writes at 6:05:49am on 10/10/12
& I love yours.
Hakulyte writes at 5:57:20am on 10/10/12
Keeping things fun and interesting is and was the only goal from the beginning. Anything that can be achieved is just pure delusion and can only be satisfactory temporary. More seriously, I'm still hoping for that FGO AAA (76+ difficulty). Also, hello!
Nu0n writes at 8:25:30pm on 9/11/12
not much man, basically i play here on FFR chat in prochat, aim. I also tend to play LoL as of late with my friend icy :3