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I guess I'm a lil bit on the weird side, but aren't we all uwu I'm all for new things and have been playing FFR for 6 years with about a 2 year break somewhere in there, with a few months off here and there. if there's anything I'm good at, it's holding a conversation, so if you ever want to talk, hit me up! ^-^ I play league of legends, unfortunately, and play a lot of resident evil. My main game that I practise in my spare time is Halo, which I'm currently having a break from. At college studying Psychology, English literature, ICT and Media. Hoping to go to Oxford to study Computer Science and Philosophy. I love most things science related and love space a lot and find it interesting, duhhh
Art, gaming, freerunning, film, I.C.T, programming, computer shizz nizz, movies, trance, music in general, philosophy, writing. I like a lot of anime including but is not limited to, Attack on titan, Full metal alchemist and a hella lot of YAOI!! American horror story, parks and recreation and the office are the main shows I enjoy
Fav Music:
All genres. Excluding R&B and grime etc... Preference: Anything trance or EDM related. Trance wins tho.
Fav Movies:
Everything. Prefer horror. Don't really like thrillers or mysteries but some can be good.
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Posted on: July 8, 2014, at 12:19:19am   [2 comments]
-Me 1 month ago-

Do I keep my ffr accuracy or pass my finals?... Accuracy... Finals... accuracy .... finals...


-Me present-


Token goals
Posted on: May 26, 2014, at 01:45:36pm   [0 comments]
Here We Go+Quickdraw:
500 FC's - [✓]
750 FC's - [ ]
779 FC's - [ ] Quickdraw unlock
1000 FC's - [ ]
1250 FC's - [ ]
1543 FC's - [ ]

75K credits - [✓]
100K credits - [✓]
125k credits - [ ]
150k credits - [ ]

Happy Rainbow:
10k Average - [✓]
7.5k Average - [✓]
5k Average - [ ]
2.5k Average - [ ]
Under 1k Average - [ ]

Comment wall
missiekix_06 writes...
at 2:13:30pm on 2/14/15
Lol. What's up?
missiekix_06 writes...
at 7:45:41pm on 1/20/15
kmay writes...
at 10:43:06am on 12/8/14
that song doesn't require much skill other than speed, all the rolls can be jump trilled so its just learning it from there.. you missed all the technical stuff lol
basically i'm unimpressed ;)
kmay writes...
at 10:41:34am on 12/8/14
sign in on IE and you will be able to save replays using flashplayer
kmay writes...
at 9:24:06am on 12/8/14
save the replayyyyy
kmay writes...
at 7:35:22am on 12/8/14
save some replays i want to see :3
kmay writes...
at 6:38:55am on 12/8/14
lol oh please. yea i haven't moved my speed mod much since it came lout lol i was 1.75 forever. i tried 2. was too fast, so i'm now at 1.9
kmay writes...
at 10:56:46am on 12/6/14
lol i've been playing some SM. getting some nice scores for me. lost a lot of speed though
kmay writes...
at 6:57:06am on 12/3/14
wait thirdstyle is still around?! hahahaha
kmay writes...
at 7:51:55am on 11/17/14
well seeing your reality score just proves that you can't AAA that far into thinking of you :p
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