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O.O impressive...
Posted on: October 6, 2007, at 05:47:50pm

  1. holy #$!*

  2. O.O thats...wow

  3. wow that is pretty good. the best person ive seen isnt on vid tho, i think he was number 2 in the world and i saw him at the mall. this guy was sooo sick, be even played in sandals and still AAA everything he did

  4. owww ... x_X

  5. that's some hardcore breathing.

  6. He beat my score =(

  7. nice

  8. thats great!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mortal Kombat voice: Outstanding!

  10. pfft h4x..
    effing amazing >.>

  11. :O

  12. ive seen this before..this guy is insane..FFR should put this song on this site

  13. Lovely tapping. About as loud as my keyboard.

  14. Nice vid music and steps. But may i ask what is the name of the music so maybe i can step it one day? ^-^

  15. Thats crazy!

  16. i can do that song... but not that well... its actually much easier than pandy on singles expert

  17. o____e;

  18. This guy is flippin amazing!!!!
    I could never do that haha

  19. pffff eaaasssssyyyyy lol... ide lose on one pad

  20. wow that was cool:D

  21. WOW that guy is amazinggg

  22. i wanna go to the children's maze!

  23. preety Good.Not better than Calimist or Weemo though.Try to do 200 streams on foot.now thats tiring

  24. 7 minutes of 200 16th runs I mean

  25. HALF MAN........ HALF ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. shit used to be fun when you where little now it just looks retarded when you see someone playing it or your self hahah

  27. i love reading through these comments. makes my comment seem hella dumb. XD

  28. lmao! everything on this website builds on memories now..

  29. jesus crist he put god to shame WTF man its like you cant see his feet jesus

  30. BAUSS.