Happy New Year! Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week (Jan. 1, 2018)

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on January 1st, 2018

Happy New Year, FFR! We know we just had a songs release, but we wanted to kick off 2018 by surprising you with another!

We hope you have prepared some ambitious New Year’s resolutions. If they involve a lofty skillboost, let us know what your FFR goals for 2018 are! *(The New Year fills you with determination.)

New Game
Musician: Nitro Fun
Step Artist: juckter1
Song Genre: Dance2
Style: Electro
Difficulty: 68
Song Length: 2:11

The Fated Hour
Musician: Exias
Step Artist: Silvuh
Song Genre: Dance2
Style: Instrumental
Difficulty: 69
Song Length: 2:49

Thank you for being with us for a huge milestone – our 15th revolution around the sun.

- The Game Management Team

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  1. :)

  2. :D

  3. i wanna be the very best

  4. Happy New Year, everyone!! :D

  5. Like no one ever was

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