Judging Applications Open until April 30th

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on April 16th, 2017

Hello again. I wanted to give a reminder that Songs of the Week has been postponed as the focus right now is on Judging Applications. If you haven’t submitted an application yet, there are still two more weeks to do so and you can find more details in the April 2017 Judge Applications thread.

Feel free to also leave some input about the offsets you have been using for specific files in the Offset Discussion Thread. I have compiled my list of the 30 most recently released files and having more data will help us normalize the offsets of these charts and future releases.

If you’re looking for other files to play and provide feedback in the meantime, there are the November/December 2016 Public Sets.

Last but not least, I hope you all have a great Easter!

- DossarLX ODI

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  1. Happy Easter FFR community! :D

  2. Happy left-down-up-rightster FFR community :D

  3. This is the highest quality post I’ve seen on FFR in years! 8^)

  4. hi :)

  5. Happyhardcor3′s file is da bomb just so y’all know

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