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Every DDR 18 B or higher and triple star on Bi ESP
Author: science the rat
Type: In The Groove Videos
Description: Skipped a 16 99. Got myself a 17 99. Also Prey ESP is def 18 imo at least right now hehe.
  1. Do indeed take leisure in watching you successfully get better at this. that is whack!

  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad I'm continuing to improve at this game and I'm also glad you enjoy watching me! Lachryma is only 236 BPM but that's still really fast though, two of those 16th trills are LONG!

  3. Just wow the content keeps getting better all of the time! Rofl now how all of a sudden are you doing better than I am with your feet? What is this taking out like 250 260+ bpm charts?! Dang! Really great scores Science!

  4. Oops I forgot to put ESP in the title. In this video I only did all the ESP 18s that are out as of now. Oops my bad. Egoism and Lachryma are the 2 hardest imo right now. ;3