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Default 3/11/2021 - One of my BEST sessions

Let's start.

Score 1: Cyber Induction 1.0 3.5k combo run


I got a run like this with 400 less combo but 2 less misses. FC Doable on this map maybe?

Score 2: We Luv Lama 1.0 (Lv.29) 97.77%


My first pass on this diff, so I'm really proud of it. Probably the worst stamina
player ever to pass this, at the end I did lose control due to the sheer stamina required, my arms were burning.

Score 3: Holding out for a hero 1.3 97.64%


Holy, the jumptrills were actually one of the hardest parts in this map.
I guess maybe my jumptrill speed caps out here.
Will definitely try out 1.35 later on, probably won't even S rank it.

Score 4: Yolomania Hymn 1.2 95.65%


Not proud of the ratios on this score, I really expected more from myself.
This chart on 1.2 is still a damn monster, so really if I 94'd with this ratio
it would still suffice.

Score 5: Verflucht (Shoegazer Loved) 252bpm 97.77%


Damn, 5 days I jumped from a 94 to this? Wow, that is a massive improvement on a map like this.

I really don't know how to make a closing post, but this is a GREAT way to
start rhythm gaming in March.
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Default Re: 3/11/2021 - One of my BEST sessions

March best month
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Default Re: 3/11/2021 - One of my BEST sessions

zot zot zot
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