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Default Rex Leo Bellum Divinorus (A Fanfiction of 'The Lion King') Part 1

Rex Leo Bellum Divinorus

(The Lion King Divine War, also known as 'The Old War of the Lion King')
(Tentative Name) (A Fanfiction)

This is an idea I have thought of about the account of the elder days of Pride Rock, before the reign of Mufasa, father of Simba. Not much is ever written about Mufasa's reign before the birth of Simba, other than mentions of his siblings/ancestors, and what their days were like. This is not by any means a perfect idea, and I've tried to keep it as close to what is considered cannon by wiki fandom; while allowing room for my own ideas. Disclaimer is that it is all a fanfic, and I have no rights to any of this idea. I imagine the days before Mufasa's time to be a bit more draconic in historic style, rather than what is written as family friendly on the internet.

Inspiration being due to the lack of knowledge about Scar, his lineage up the line of Mufasa, as well as Mufasa's elders and their days of ruling Pride Rock. (Who were they? Why was Scar so inclined to feel entitled as ruler of Pride Rock?) These are the questions I delve into in this short story.

Anyways here is the beginning of what shall be several parts(Perhaps multiple chapters per part...I've not yet decided.) So without further adieu, I present 'Chapter 1 of Part 1.'


Chapter 1: The Old King of Pride Rock

"Ewe kijana, mrithi wa Pride Rock.
Kwako ninakupa nguvu juu ya Maisha yote.
Siku za utawala wako zitabarikiwa."

The young lion awoke upon the grassy hill to the shouts of Zebra from within the valley below. A flock of small Thrush flew overhead and passed by the lion, in swift hurry towards the direction of Zebra, who began to stampede through the valley below the grassy hill. It was late in the afternoon, and the Sun began to reach the western horizon as scattered clouds dimmed with hues of pink and red. One of the Thrush landed before the lion, and spoke quickly.

"Ah at last I've found you, young prince! Your father wishes for your return to the Pride Lands at once." It said with a slight bow.

The lion yawned, "What's the hurry, Kymazu?"

"There's trouble in the mountains, the Zebra are making their way down from the hills back to the valley basin. It's the Eagles! They are preparing for their weekly hunt for the sn-"

"You need say no more!" Answered the lion prince, who leapt from his shady place in the tall grass and took off over the winding hills towards the pride lands.

"Oh...young prince. I can never get a full word in *tsk tsk tsk*" Chattered Kymazu as he flew off with the rest of the Thrush towards the mountains.

From the hills, the lion prince descended through the valley and into the savannah beyond the surround jungles. Over rock and stream he ran, as giraffe and elephant alike looked up in curiosity at his eagerness to return home. The Sun had nearly set by the time he reached tall and wondrous Pride Rock of his forefathers. Up the rocky steppes he climbed and through the caverns towards the top of Pride Rock, where before him he saw many of the elder lions in council at the throne before his Father. There were murmurs amongst the female lions as the elder lions argued. Then the King turned as he sensed the arrival of the prince, as all fell silent.

The prince entered the room, and bowed before his mother, Uru. She made no bow in return and glared concerningly into his eyes, then up towards the King of Lions.

"Ah you've returned, Mufasa. Yet you are late, and already the hour arrives where we must act. Has Kymazu informed you?"

"Yes, and forgive me father. It was the Zebra that awoke me and brought the Thrush with Kymazu to tell m-" Exclaimed Mufasa.

"Then you already know that the Eagles are on the hunt. Already are they in the mountains, ready to prey upon the kin of snow monkeys, who are fearful and without aid."

King Ahadi stepped from his rock down amongst the council of elder lions towards Mufasa, who stood at the center of the throne room. His mane was of dark bronze, brown with flowing gold and red. His eyes were green, and could be seen in the moonlight that shone through the crevices of the cave. Mufasa bowed before his father as he approached. The elder lions backed towards the edge of the cave to allow room before the King and the prince, as they peered sharply from the shadow in silence.

The King looked sharply upon Mufasa, who's head stay bowed before his father. King Ahadi let a light smile, and spoke:

"Rise, Mufasa. Already have the elders and I met with decision. There is little time before us. If the snow monkeys are not met with aide before the rising of the sun, they will lose most of their flock. You must go to your brother, Taka, and have him summon the Lion's Guard. Together you must both march to the hotsprings in the Theluji mountains Northwest of the Pride Lands.
That is where the Eagles are headed. That is where you will find the kindred of snow monkeys. Their chief, Oolaki, will have received word of your coming from my personal Majordomo, Zuzu."

"At once, Father." Answered Mufasa, turning towards the exit of the throne room with haste.

"Mufasa!" shouted King Ahadi.
"Take care of Taka. I worry about what the Eagles will do. We do not want them harmed."

"He takes care of himself!" Roared Mufasa, as he leapt out into the rocky steppes below.
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Default Re: Rex Leo Bellum Divinorus (A Fanfiction of 'The Lion King') Part 1

(1.) A few SPaG errors here with "giraffe" and "elephant" not being capitalized, and some of the dialogue tags being capitalized. (2.) Have you considered also posting this on Fanfiction.net, AO3, or any other fanfiction website?
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Default Re: Rex Leo Bellum Divinorus (A Fanfiction of 'The Lion King') Part 1

Thanks for the feedback...yeah I need to break back into writing and not being repetitive with words and my grammar syntax...I have not yet bc I never heard of those websites. I think I want to compile my idea together here first and brush it up before submitting it to one of those sites. Since it's a disney idea I can feel the heat of how many people would jump on it either correctively or like "I wanna jump with this idea bc disney" and all that...here seems chill for now.
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Default Re: Rex Leo Bellum Divinorus (A Fanfiction of 'The Lion King') Part 1

Yo Simba
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