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Default Storn's Stepmania Selection Special [RELEASE]

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Wait... Its not time for your regularly scheduled Storn pack??? is this a christmas miracle? Some kind of joke?? The pack doesn't even say 4!! Thats right! this is a BONUS PACK!!! This is full of songs that might not fit in well with your average Storn Pack™. We got a wide range of difficulties in this pack. Infact, there are 55 Total charts!! thats 2.75 charts per song! AMAZING VALUE. Now what could be so special about this pack? It even has "Special" in the name so its GOT to be good. Well prepare to be disappointed (or hyped idk you) because the alternative name for this pack is "i didn't know storn was a filthy weeb pack". Thats right, its just a bunch of filthy weeb shit. most of it isn't even metal. some songs dont even have a guitar! there is even a rhythm game song in there. so have fun with the pack that literally nobody was expecting! Get some scores and tell me about how you cant believe i made a type in another banner and am still too lazy to fix it. maybe you'll even enjoy some files cus there are some pretty good charts in there.


Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
"I think storn is town but he doesn't have a shirt on" - Roundbox
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
I have beat my meat to storn's posts no less than four times

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post

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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Special [RELEASE]]


Angreifer, Cotton Candy, Paper Bouquet, Serve a Master, Kimi to Infinity all banger files- wouldn't recommend uprating Paper Bouquet tho.

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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Special [RELEASE]

I actually didn't know storn was a weeb

today I learnt
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Default Re: Storn's Stepmania Selection Special [RELEASE]


Originally Posted by ToonE156 View Post
literal GTA NPC exchange
Originally Posted by ositzxz369 View Post
The definition of a good chart? Where you start like—you like, you start with like a nice roll... like—(snare rush fades in). And then you go—you get like sorta crazy with your patterns—you're like—(cymbal crashes appear, breaks follow). Right? And then you like step something like... scary? Maybe like, 'Ooh yeah, a freaked out child in the woods.' And then you do that again. You go like—(snare rush fades in again, more breaks follow). And that's pretty much it.

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