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Post Custom FFR Noteskin TEMPLATE

Yes, you read the title correctly! If you're like me, (which not a lot of people are, I'm sure, but there are some of us out there), when you want to do something, you don't want to just guess, you want to make sure you've collected all of the specifications to ensure that you can do it as accurately as you can and to the best of your ability. And, what better way to ensure you are doing something correctly than with a template?!

Of course, this is an unofficial template! However, this is based on my own attempts at creating a custom noteskin for myself and has proven to work for me. Being that it is a "template", it is here as a tool to assist you in creating your own noteskins and does not need to be followed in its entirety. This is a very rudimentary template, though; I don't teach you HOW to CREATE your own noteskin, but rather, this template is to help you position and edit your notes into a noteskin that is compatible with the FFR Noteskin editor: flashflashrevolution.com/~velocity/ffrjs/noteskin/

Without further ado, onto the template!
I have created a PSD file as well as a PNG file should anyone not have Adobe Photoshop. Don't worry, you're not really missing anything by not using the PSD file as you will read.

(Find Enclosed: PSD File, PNG File, "README, please.txt")
Mirror #1: dropbox.com/s/cibie0p35vc2gwi/FFR%20Noteskin%20Template.zip?dl=0
Mirror #2: mega.nz/file/q3REFL5K#sdaqoE1Zqlj0WLAz3YOKdegZ_wRzRnwnR2XzZ7CvcTE

There are instructions for the PSD file in the PSD file on its own layer and the .txt file has information for those using the PNG file.

I hope I didn't forget anything (but mostly, I hope this is allowed on here >-<). If there are any questions, leave them below or PM me and I'll answer them as soon as I can.
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Hey Vsnares, Aaron here.
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Default Re: Custom FFR Noteskin TEMPLATE

This thread was filtered for moderation approval for some reason. I went ahead and approved it.
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