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Default The VideoGame MegaPack Type-S submissions till Feb 2022

Original thread: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/....php?p=4706852

Discord server: https://discord.gg/bBFyUqFFj7

If you wish not to join the server, you can add me: @Aquellex#0440
If you do not wish to use Discord at all, e-mail me: aquellex[at]f0xpa.ws

You must be wondering, how am I managing this pack? Well, I asked Kraezymann if he was still taking in submissions for VGMP-S as I was recommend to send 6k VGM files to VGMP-S instead of the currently running Etterna Video Game Pack, however, as we chatted further, I think Kraezymann is too burned out to continue VGMP-S I offered to take on the torch, as I've been stepping a large sum of VGM files for 6k recently! Plus, it would be a bummer if the pack were to be put on permanent hiatus, so I say, pass on the torch!

Submissions are open from today (October 9th, 2021 as of writing this) until February 28th, 2022 (same closing date as EVGP). Unlike EVGP, there is no submission cap due to the general lack of 6k files, so go wild!
File guidelines
  1. Files must have at least the bare minimum requirement of being saved as an .sm and having at least one complete 6k chart. Do not use .ssc unless you intend to take advantage of at least 2 of its exclusive features. Rolls (repeat-freezes) are okay to use, as everybody should be playing on Etterna, anyway!
  2. No joke or dump charts unless they are included as secondary difficulties, I'm trying to keep the overall difficulty of the pack accessible to everyone!
    If it's already in a major solo pack (e.g. Solo Rulz series), there's no need to submit here!
  3. If it's in a conversion/miscellaneous solo pack (e.g. anything with the "0." prefix) or scattered somewhere from a major 4k pack of any kind (e.g. Xoon 5), feel free to submit here, as long as you made the chart yourself or have permission from the charter!
  4. Scattered singles are extremely welcome here!
  5. Resteps of 4k files are extremely welcome here! You can restep from past VGMP packs if it lacked or had an unfinished 6k chart.
  6. Resteps of 6k files will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If the interpretation is too similar to the previous chart(s), it will be given the 'not necessary' status. I don't recommend restepping existing 6k VGMP charts!
VGM Clause
  1. No licensed songs. A song used in a game does not a VGM make. (e.g., no Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or anything by MOSAIC.WAV!)
  2. In the original VGMP series, H-Game music wasn't allowed, but I will allow this so long as the music isn't licensed (so still no MOSAIC.WAV as much as I love them, sorry!) (also this means go wild on stepping Ryu Umemoto)
Chiptune Clause
  1. A chiptune not part of a videogame does not a VGM make. That means you can't step any of my compositions
Rhythm Game Clause
  1. Music from the following rhythm games are not allowed: beatmania IIDX and all related Bemani or similar titles (this includes Bemani simulators i.e. BMS, PMS, KSM etc. and SEGA cabs like O.N.G.E.K.I. etc.) as well as Friday Night Funkin' and all mods of the game. Rhythm game music is regularly charted across all VSRG, this pack is for stuff that isn't from the latest IIDX (we have BCMP for that!) or FNF mod. However, I will take charts of songs from games such as Rhythm Heaven and Parappa the Rappa (i.e., niche titles)
Touhou & Remixes Clause
  • Remixes and arranges of VGM tracks from any game are fine with exception to music from the Touhou series: Only original versions of tracks from mainline Touhou titles, but arranges of music from Touhou fangames (e.g. Super Marisa World) are fine. Touhou remixes are charted just as much as Bemani & FnF mod music across VSRG (that means no IOSYS etc., sorry!).
Submission status:
  1. Locked-in: full accept! You might receive recommendations on polishing your file--at this stage, it's take it or leave it!
  2. Revisions required: please address the issues found within your file to get it fully accepted!
  3. Do-over: file requires a full overhaul due to serious problems (e.g. concept & execution of the file is unsatisfactory, clash of mapping culture, you sent in a 200bpm 16th chordjack file etc.)
  4. Not necessary: file is already in a major solo pack or the song choice is irrelevant

NOTE: If you are not interested in stepping VGM for 6k at all, but still keen to step VGM for 4k, submit to Etterna Video Game Pack instead: https://forums.etternaonline.com/t/e...ions-open/2830

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

Submit solo VGM charts here:

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