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Song Information
Song Title: Find A Way Out
Song Artist: Aeden & Harley Bird

Description of Issue(s):
The grace notes in Find A Way Out's chorus are 192nds, which create 2,100bpm gallops. As a result, the grace notes are supposed to be hit as jumps alongside the corresponding 4th/8th.

However, from notes 270-813 (the chorus), there are constant 1-frame gaps between certain chords (e.g. notes 274-275, 372-373), which create odd ~300bpm 3-note bursts every now and then. This is not how the chart is supposed to be played, and it's verified by asking the creator of the chart themselves.

Examples are provided here:

There are some other misconverted framers in the chart, but the grace notes there are in sections with just 8th chords, so it wouldn't be anywhere as much of a concern.
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