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Default Re: Frame Fix Log

Song Information
Song Title: THE FAUST [Heavy]
Song Artist: Masqued Pierrot

Description of Issue(s):
In the jacky part and in the [34] [1234] transition before, a few notes in the jacks are shifted forward or backward a frame, causing 2-framers where there's normally 3-framers and need shifting to be normal. The jack framers are all in the spoiler there since there's a good amount of them.

Notes 328+329 (the [34] jump)

Note 387

Note 403

Note 456

Notes 466+467 (the [13] jump)

Notes 530+531 (the [24] jump)

Note 540

The roll here is kinda framefucked but I'm not too too sure what's framefucked aside from the 1 [23] 4 in the beginning of it, nor am I sure whether it's framefixable.

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