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Default Re: Frame Fix Log

Got to the rest of the files in the August 23rd list that weren't the note color files.

November 8th 2020 Changelog

Five files were updated.

All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints update
- Fixed all 2-frame 16th jack placements to 3-frame [154 BPM]
- Fixed placements of one of the 64th offset sections to closer match what 8th placements would be

Fox Tales update
- Fixed 2-frame minijack issues that were throughout the file, and the 32nd bursts [174 BPM]

hARPIES15HP update
- Fixed the 2 frame 64th offset minijack at the end to 3 frame [168 BPM]
- Adjusted the 192nd gallops to be aligned with their corresponding 4th note (snare in the first half, whoosh in the second half)

Cest What update
- Fixed the two 1-frame 16th minijacks in the chart [240 BPM]
- Adjusted a few tight minijack bursts

eccentric ghost channel as Poltergeist update
- Updated the rolls mentioned in the post to be consistent [128 BPM]
- Updated a few 64th gallop placements to be 1 frame instead of zero frames apart (with respect to the adjacent 8th note)

Requests after August 23rd as of this post:
- No Purpose Flour
- Elesis Theme Song [Future Bass Remix]
- Ants Of The Sky
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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