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Default Re: Jan/Feb 2020 Set 1

Passed file judgments per TC_Halogen

GHOST (DarkZtar) [6/10]
Judge Notes:
- 25.386/25.522/(etc): while I understand the necessity for changing the pattern contour for more variation, you lose a bit of accenting by not repeating the jumps for the snares
- 26.340 to 43.795: not a fan of the layering in this section; it’s not really all that heavy compared to other parts of the song, yet every kick or snare is a triple -- this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if not for the fact that the harpsichord being followed with jumps doesn’t have the greatest of pitch relevance
- 44.613/(etc): if you listen carefully, there’s actually 32nds for the snares here
- 1:17.613: build up of 24th hi-hats here, if you listen (optional, ofc)
- 1:49.795: player’s left hands are being stressed coming into the entry of this burst which makes this split a lot harder to perform -- change the jump/16th before it to make the entry a little easier if you want to maintain that split-handed pattern
- 1:54.159: this is a bit easier than above, because 12th notes aren’t quite as stressing to enter into
- 1:57.431: oof, two sets of 12th note mini-jacks here just to perform this pattern properly
- 1:57.977 to 1:58.795: this sequence is just downright ridiculous to perform and most players will get absolutely crushed trying to hit that ending [34]
- 2:02.340 to 2:19.795: not required, but 17 seconds is quite a long time with no notes - consider adding even a few notes to the organ here if possible
- 2:37.249 to 2:51.977: this break simply doesn’t sit well with me; the structure is way too heavy and there is a lot of chaining/unnecessary repeated taps all because the layering is still trying to be maintained here
- 3:12.159 to 3:28.249: I’m not a huge fan of the pacing in this section; it shows that this is a bit too heavy when you have to pull away from your structure to use opposing 16th jumps for accenting the same instrument -- additionally, jumps for hi-hats also feels a bit… heavy here.
- 3:29.204: this one-handed 24th mini-trill is quite rough
- 3:29.613/etc: in contrast, this section actually feels solid because you’re accenting something that’s basically fighting with the percussion and it’s nicely colored as a sweeping synth
- 3:33.977/3:42.704: what’s with these longer 8th note anchors?
- 3:59.204: missing triple
- 4:05.340/4:14.068: absolutely evil. I love it.
- 4:29.068: remove jump?
- 4:30.448: the instrument you’re accenting here plays 12ths, not 16ths
- 4:56.477: another nasty one-handed 24th mini-trill here
- 5:15.840/5:20.204: x-xxx 64ths, not xxxx 48ths
- above all of these things, this file really drags. It’s so focused on keeping exceptionally heavy layering in many spots - at times, when the song makes a noticeable musical shift, the impact isn’t that great within the chart. You’re just endlessly fighting off extremely heavy layering and there’s not much more beyond that -- this could definitely be improved with a bit more creativity and finesse in some spots, but I just don’t see this being enjoyed all that much.
- in terms of playability, there’s definitely some pretty ridiculous transitions with 32nd bursts that need to be handled a bit more gracefully

drivin’FTR (bmah) [9/10]
Judge Notes:
- 2:07.582/2:10.031: in my opinion, relevance should be briefly broken to make these bursts a touch easier, but not a requirement
- file’s very solid
- people are going to hate this file and hate you for making it
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