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Default Re: Official Tournament Special Batch #2 Easy Batch

Here are all goldstingers notes I'm going to be going through everything starting tonight throughout the weekend.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue with simfile properties. .ssc found in submission folder.
> Sync is off by +0.014 (-0.014 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -0.124 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
(**) > Suggest changing the BPM from 83.950 to 83.945. Current BPM slightly drifts.
(**)-[02:12.829] This 12th here is inaudible. Fine with stream, might be nice to drop it though.
-[02:19.620] Minijack here is extremely difficult at this difficulty. Probably would work better to move it to a left arrow since you would still get the effect of the pitch change when you swap from left to right hand, but is technically correct.
Conditional Queueing for Sync & BPM change, and the ghost 12th, considering that similar 24ths were dropped at 02:21.645. Fine work of art, had huge hopes that this could be seen as opener in D1, but that hope kind of got thrown out the window with the introduction of 24ths, and there is nothing unfortunately to suggest with toning it down in those sections, because the 24ths work. I honestly don’t have much to say on the file because it’s more or less exactly what I expected in terms of structure and patterning, and the song also does very well at complimenting that it can definitely be more dense, but works with being less so.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue with simfile properties. No issue with submission folder contents.
> Sync is off by +0.005 (-0.005 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -6.523 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
-[00:06.523 -> 00:12.923] This is adequately hard. Given the difficulty of other parts in this file, it feels like this is above a 50 in scope of difficulty.
(**)-[00:44.923 -> 00:45.323] Sounds like the previous red, orange, yellow mini sections that come before this specific part are also featured here rhythm-wise but are unaccounted for. The yellow arrow for it is not stepped at all. Would suggest maybe taking out the 64th & 8th, and replacing it with a similar minijack in down column.
(**)-[00:52.223, 00:52.423] 16ths that were left out. Seems kind of big to cut out on for difficulty since there’s a 16th stream section following this one, and green-accented jump bursts are about as hard as this with the 16ths being included here.
-[00:53.340 -> 00:53.540 & similar-sounding stuff] Triplets here can be spiced up. Current structure just sorts of blends in and doesn’t make use of the triplet drums.
(**)-[01:10.540 -> 01:10.940] Same thing again as 00:44.923 -> 00:45.323.
(**)-[01:17.840, 01:18.040] Same 16ths that were left out as 00:52.223, 00:52.423, just later on in the song.
-[01:20.948 -> 01:21.748] Made me giggle.
-[01:31.348 -> 01:34.548] This is daunting for beginners to read, let alone nail. It wasn’t until around D4 - D5 that I personally started to get the hang of same-colored notes within close proximity of one-another, but I still have trouble with that myself on charts like ‘Kono spoon, suteki desu ne’. I think this is going to stick out as ‘the mindblocked part’ for most people in range for this song.
(**)-[01:58.340] Missed 8th.
(**)-[02:04.935 -> [02:05.335] Repeat of earlier note (00:44.923 -> 00:45.323)
One of the harder songs in this batch. It does a lot of stuff right, but also a fair amount wrong. Biggest contributor is the same-colored sections back-to-back from one another. I see where it’s coming from and it makes sense rhythmically, but not the best for a tournament setting imo. Would make a rather decent file in normal queue. A peg down from that section, it feels like a lot more could have been done in contributing to the triplet drums during 16th stream mid-way through the file. Whether it was swapping patterns at those intervals, or making a subtle nod to them, but most of them go unnoticed. Outside of that, a few missing 16ths, and a single pattern that didn’t get air time. Fixing the 16ths & the red, orange, yellow pattern should be the guideline for this chart. Not going to request fixing of triplet drums melody because this chart works fine without it, but bonus points if you find a way.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue in simfile properties. No issue with submission folder contents.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
-[00:18.292] Not really feeling the necessity of the 32nd here. It sort of happens again right after this initial 32nd, and it gets the 16th treatment. Can probably do without. There are also a few 16ths here and there that are following a fade-in that could be also cut, but just noting that.
-[00:27.195] Can hear this 32nd unlike the first one, but still not really feeling the necessity of it.
-[00:32.408 -> 00:32.877] There’s the Terminal 11 burst. Crazy fast. These bursts are the hardest parts in this file. Hardest is at 01:04.273, but there’s a separate note for that one. Some of these can be cut for difficulty, but it will probably not meet tournament standards from the gap in skill required hitting these bursts, comparative to the rest of the song.
-[00:37.329] 24th rolls like this can also be cut down for difficulty, leaving only the 8th.
-[01:04.273] This pattern is so very tricky to hit, as majority of it happens on one hand, and then the right hand (left hand if mirror) has to buffer the following minitrill, at a different speed than the initial burst.
-[01:07.319] Same 24ths that are cuttable.
-[01:30.045] I would argue that it would help with the 4th being here as a left arrow, because that ending ‘blip’ is going to be audible as the game fades to results screen anyways, and kind of sticks out with that in mind without an arrow there.
Fine file, not really my cup of tea for a tournament file. Definitely works as a gimmicky file, with the high point being that awkward one hand pattern nearing the end at 01:04. It works as a normal file. For an easy file, not so much. If you wanted to, you could cut the fade-in arrows to reduce difficulty outside of the initial bursts, and tone down bursts to singles in the middle of them but color-coded differently from other notes, but it’s a lot to go through. For example, 00:22.451 (16th, fade-in) can be cut. 00:23.857 (16th, fade-in w/ clap on top) probably shouldn’t be cut. Same with the 32nd at 00:18.292 compared to the 32nd at 00:27.195. But my personal opinion is that it would work better as a song with the bursts included, unchanged and take it as it is.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue in simfile properties. Submission folder contains .sm.old, .ssc, and .ssc.old. Consider removing.
> Sync is off by +0.008 (-0.008 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -0.208 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
-[00:20.993, 00:22.705] These 8ths don’t really feel like they should be there? Feels like they are just there to connect the entire pattern between jumps for the sake of having a pattern. Everything else in the pattern that these arrows contribute to, have a place. Same arrows show up throughout the file at 01:17.565, 01:19.279, 02:26.993 and 02:28.708, but they may be more prominent for the melody in those certain parts, so it’s more of a note of it than anything concrete.
(**)-[00:39.208 -> 00:41.350] 16th sections like these in the song, with the 48th grace bursts, need to be nerfed. The entire song is going off open 4ths, basic 8th patterns, and the occasional 16th triplet. It would benefit the file greatly if the hardest parts were scaled down closer to where the rest of the file is at. Perhaps turn the 48th graces to just simple jumps and try to make cuts in the 16th stream where you can? There is some mini JS bursts, so that is fair. Straight 16th stream would also be fair. Mixing them with 48th bursts is a little over the top though.
-[00:54.422] I understand the toning down going into a verse break here but based on previous notation, this should be a jump.
-[00:56.565] As a result of the previous note, this 8th sticks out and feels like the best spot to have a [23]. Same with 00:57.422 happening just a little bit later.
-[00:58.279 -> 00:58.493] This is spicy at this difficulty.
-[00:59.565] Could be a jump. Is a single.
-[01:00.850 -> 01:01.279] 8ths here should be a jump, the 4th shouldn’t be a jump. The awkward following of dominant melody here is why I’m suggesting these sorts of changes, because the piano is much more prominent in this section.
(**)-[01:10.065] 48th grace burst that should probably be nerfed to just a jump, since with a jump, this would be toned down to match other transitions in this file.
-[01:02.779] Should be a single. If 00:59.565 is a jump, then the following 8th note here should also be a jump.
(**)-[01:37.493] Another 48th grace burst that can be trimmed.
(**)-[01:51.208] Same 48th burst.
(**)-[02:18.636] Absolutely brutal 48th burst given the patterning going both in and out of it, definitely needs changing.
(**)-[02:46.279, 02:46.922] More 48th bursts that need trimming.
Biggest drawback on this file is the 16th JS & 48th grace bursts that happen here and there throughout the file for a measure. Feels like the difficulty of the file jumps from these specific parts. For the people that can hit these patterns, the rest of the file becomes boring, and easy. I recommend scaling back these sections, and dropping the 48th grace bursts to jumps. You can still have 16th stream at these sections if you’d like, it would make a neat difficulty curve within the file since 16th bursts are peppered throughout the file, but I’m afraid that the jump in difficulty in these parts are a bit excessive. There’s also some 8ths jumps/singles here and there that I’m iffy with, but I’m ok with what’s on the table already. It’s just the 16th & 48th sections.

> There’s a reason why this song is out of alphabetical order compared to the rest of the songs, and it’s because I didn’t receive the song in the original batch zip file that was sent to me, and I only realized like Wednesday at midnight, so that’s why it’s down here in the notes and not like, second on the list. Figured I owe an explanation as to why.
> Permissions check pass.
> No issue in simfile properties. .sm.old, .ssc, and .ssc.old found in submission folder. Consider removing.
> Sync is off by roughly +0.008 (-0.008 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -1.048 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
This song is, wow. I started writing notes for it in the vocal section not realizing the jumps were going to vocals. When I let that pan out, I really, honestly did not see anything wrong with the file at all, except for the fact that it’s in easy batch and that’s way too hard for easy batch. Haha. Feels like a 70 in difficulty easily (because of the 24ths), but it’s a fantastically good file, fun to play, consistent, and doesn’t contain any funky patterns that would steer it away from that. Will most likely find a place one way or another on FFR.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue with simfile properties. No issue with submission folder contents.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
-[00:29.987] Very jack eccentric, definitely a file focused around jacks with these types of patterns thrown in.
-[00:35.582] As much as this is a file about jacks, this minijack is best not being there. 16th doesn’t really belong.
-[01:07.844] Better to have this 8th left as a right arrow for pitch relevance, or as an up arrow.
-[01:19.748] This 8th sounds dramatically different from the 4th jump before it that is exactly the same. Would suggest perhaps changing it so that it’s a different jump entirely. Also, in this specific section of the song, as well as the immediate following section, there is some bias towards down arrow that’s not really suited for how similar sections tackle this, probably needs to be changed to take that bias away from the down arrow.
-[01:24.987] Sounds nothing like coming from the previous [12] jump.
-[01:43.439] Missing 16th.
-[01:51.177] 8th here barely goes. Letting it slide, but would probably make more sense if it wasn’t there, since similar sections with the same sound have it omitted.
-[02:05.463] Swap up the 8th placement, does not match the previous 8th, would work better with pitch relevance taken into account.
-[02:16.177 -> 02:16.653] Again, pitch relevance issues takes a hit here, would be better optimized as 414.
Chart falls short in multiple spots regarding pitch relevance. I harp on it for this hard, because jack files usually tend to follow pitch relevance pretty closely to when they can utilize jacks. Without that, then most of the jacks are turned into trills, or stream. Since this chart is utilizing jacks as a core function, it should have a lot of its pitch relevance in check, which sadly, it does not. A lot of the pain is seeming to come from the 8ths. 16ths are pretty spot on. As a previously unnoted example, 00:26.415 is a [14]1[12], but the music is strongly suggesting that it should be [14]4[12], as the [14] leaves the bass on a high, the 4 continues that high, and then the [12] drops it low. There’s a few other examples of this happening in notes, but it’s recurrent throughout the file, and would need a fair overhaul to get it back on track. The structure feels fine, there’s no extra or missing notes on this one, but a lot of misplacement.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issues in simfile properties. Submission folder contains .sm.old. Consider removing.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
(**)-[00:00.486] Right off the bat, going to say that these 192nds don’t really work too well for grace accenting. There’s some notes that it works for, and there’s some notes that it doesn’t. The overarching theme for the simfile seems to be keeping those specific sounds on a certain type of arrow, which should be good enough. Probably the most prevailing issue from what I could see on a first pass, should be fine to just change back to their respective colors.
(**)-[00:06.127] 4th jump? Again at 00:08.951.
(**)-[00:09.657] Missing jump, when taking into account the jump located at 00:06.834.
-[00:19.885] Interesting opportunity for accenting here. Would put a fair amount of emphasis on the guitar sustain.
-[00:44.598 -> 00:45.303] This transition is perfect.
Very neat file. Biggest problem with it by far is the inconsistent 192nd accenting. Not really necessary when the arrow placement for most of them does well enough for the file. A good example of if you’re already doing something to show the sound in the file, you don’t need to go the extra mile to change the color of them as well. There’s a few jumps at the beginning of the file as well that don’t line up exactly with the sounds they are to be landing on, in which case, those need to be made into jumps. It’s a little short for a tournament file, and I honestly have very little thoughts about where such a file could be placed within the tournament. I can definitely see this being held as a tiebreaker song for D1, but according to what I’ve seen, D1 difficulty jumps dramatically in difficulty compared to other divisions, and this song may already become obsolete in difficulty before a tiebreaker could be reached. Just change the jumps mentioned in notes, and the 192nds.

> Permissions check pass.
> Simfile properties contain Subtitle as ‘(ti taimu)’, according to Titles.txt, this is an alternate title for the song, and should be removed. Credit property as ‘dashoe93’ also found. .sm.old, and Titles.txt found in submission folder. Consider removing.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
(**)-[00:08.163] Missing jump, same jump as 00:02.344, just a small amount quieter. Happens again at 00:12.344, 00:15.253, 00:19.617, 00:21.072 and 00:21.799.
(**)-[00:31.981] I can sort of tell where this jump is going to, but I think it would make a lot more sense to have this jump on the following 4th at 00:32.162.
(**)-[01:03.981 -> 01:04.526] Holy mother of crackers that is fast. Probably would be better to steer away from 32nd jacks that fast given the arching difficulty for the file, by swapping for a 4231 (right, down, up, left) pattern for it. That way, the following 16th minitrill still works.
(**)-[01:17.981] Missing jump again. Jumps for this sound are used within relatively 5 seconds prior. Again at 01:22.163.
Fairly unique file, that delves into the minijack and slow jumpglut side of files. I haven’t seen much of this in the batch, so it’s a nice change of pace. No real glaring issues besides the notes written. Don’t really have suggestive feedback, mostly just missed jumps and the 32nd minitrill that sticks out. I’m okay with the difficulty spike at that specific part, but move it from a trill to a semi-roll. I agree with the simauthor’s note, we do need more YMCK in-game. Clean up the jumps, and the trill, and it should be gucci.

> Permissions check pass. Note that Music Artist’s name is ‘Gunther and the Sunshine Girls’, and is worded as ‘Gunter and the Sunshine Girls’ both in the submission, and on the permissions thread. It is written correctly under ‘Artist’ in simfile properties.
> No issue in simfile properties. No issue within submission folder contents.
> Sync is off by +0.018 (-0.019 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -2.050 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
(**)-[00:02.959] On the topic of 32nd bursts in this fashion that are throughout the entire song, some of these bursts have some real awkward transitions like the first one in the song. Could be taken a look at, but also a side note that these similar bursts going into a jump because of a ‘frill’ sound prior to it, can probably all get cut for difficulty. In that situation, 32nds like the ones at 00:20.004 are difficult to play around with because they are a dominant sound in the song. 00:24.095 and similarly-associated sounds can probably transfer into 16ths.
(**)-[00:16.936] Not really feeling the 16th’s existence right here. Same goes for the earlier 16th at 00:09.663. They are omitted from the final 8ths section nearing the end of the song, except for the one similar 16th that is justified.
-[00:20.572] This 16th’s existence is justified.
(**)-[00:29.663] Missing 16th, given that dense 16th js at this speed is being played with in burst; It wouldn’t be too crazy to fill out the 16ths into the jumps here as well. If difficulty lowering is the goal, this is fine except for the 00:29.663 16th.
(**)-[00:43.640] 32nds for this burst should go. One of the more difficult bursts within the file, but at the same time, the 32nds in the [34]214[23] pattern almost don’t exist, and would play out better to let the guitar do its thing.
(**)-[00:46.595] Quite inaudible frill, could cut the 32nds from it. Considering there is no emphasis on 00:48.413, a later 4th note at the end of that section, this would do fine as a single 4th instead of added leeching 32nds.
-[00:46.936] Opportunity for 16th here to spice up a majorly 8th section. Happens again at 00:50.572 and 00:54.209.
-[00:56.368 -> 00:57.504] Should be the hardest part in the song, and I agree with the structure of it. Should look at this part at a glance for the difficulty, and model the 32nd bursts based on this part being the hardest part in the song, because it feels like the continuous use of 32nds throughout actually throw the difficulty over this section instead of vice versa.
(**)-[01:01.595] Hard to hear the 32nds for this one at 100% speed due to the synth. Might be worthwhile to remove and just keep the 4th arrow.
(**)-[01:27.334] 32nd here might be a little bit too hard given the scope of difficulty for the file. Removing the first right 32nd here would help a lot better, and turn the entire pattern into a jumptrill, which is much easier, and most people shouldn’t be able to tell at 100% speed because frill mechanics.
(**)-[01:39.095] Also a 32nd frill that particularly hurts.
There’s a lot of 32nds in this song that either make sense from a click standpoint, don’t make sense from a frill standpoint (due to difficulty), or feel like they shouldn’t be there at all because there is a more dominant sound in that part. Because of that, a lot of the 32nd bursts need to be reworked on for this file. Not really a lot of errors outside of bursts. Structure is ok, flow is good. Some extra 16ths in the mid-8th section would be nice because that specific section is already handling 16ths in it, where as other 8th sections do not play with the 16ths like that section, which provides a nice bell curve in terms of density for the file (ease in, ease out). Overall, decent. Needs rearranging of 32nds, and that’s about it.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue found in simfile properties. Note that ‘Subtitle’ is set to ‘Remix ft. Slyleaf’. Two .ssc files found in submission folder. Consider removal.
> Sync is off by -0.019 (+0.020 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -0.780 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
(**)-[00:16.717] Tempted to say ‘leave this 32nd in it’s great’ but the 32nd orange arrow here can be trimmed for difficulty.
(**)-[01:35.424] File racks difficulty up exceptionally quickly with 24ths here. Feels like they need to be toned down quite a bit. 16ths could work, but might be a little fast. 12ths can also work in this situation but miss out on a bit of sound, but I think would be the best fit.
(**)-[02:02.846] 32nd roll here could also use toning down. 16ths instead would work.
File legitimately gave me goosebumps. I think with some tweaking here and there could be a huge contender for a really balanced easy file, namely the 24ths & 32nds. No issues outside of that, the color theory at the beginning made me giggle.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue found in simfile properties. No issue with submission folder contents.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
-[00:12.367 -> 00:19.640] Patterns like these are going to be too hard for a majority of beginners, but they have quality in their own merit. Also some of the patterns here can be particularly scary if people have not had prior practice with certain patterns, namely one-hand trills and one-hand trills coming out of the 23 trills. Nothing wrong here, just noting where the difficulty lies.
-[00:41.458 -> 00:48.731] I like the revisiting of the initial 16th gallop pattern with a twist to introduce a new instrument.
(**)-[01:06.231] 8th jump here should be a single to match previous sections. Also, missing the 64th note prior to it at 01:06.146.
-Noting a lot of missing layering, but alright with it because of the attempt to lower the difficulty of the file. There are certain parts in this file that have not had anything cut out, and those are easily the hardest parts of the file.
Chart only has one mistake in it. Patterns are pretty tight. Might not be the best for an introductory file, but definitely a mid-tournament file for an easier division, that’s going to test the ability for trills and consistency. If used, take into consideration the heavy use of 64ths instead of 16ths in this file. It can be quite hard for low leveled players to pick up on the proper way to hit these kinds of notes in a somewhat similar rhythm. Fix the 8th & underlying 64th, and should be good to go.

> Permissions check pass.
> ‘Title’ is missing from simfile properties (The Oni Wars). No other issues with simfile properties. No issues found within submission folder contents.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
(**)-[00:33.259] Coming out of a powerful 16th solo, but missing the 16th here.
(**)-[00:34.441] Doesn’t deserve the full grace burst imo, maybe the initial note and a 2nd grace note and that’s about it.
-[01:25.672 -> 01:27.945] Awkward to listen to in contrast to the notes here because it’s definitely not 16ths. Would be too fast in terms of difficulty for the file if 24ths were used instead, so it’s fine.
(**)-[01:28.672 -> 01:40.309] Feels like it’s lacking a lot of layering that could be happening. As a few examples, 01:29.218 is a very neat 8th single to carry into the jump, happens again at 01:30.672, and 01:32.127. At 01:31.309, there’s a big opportunity for a 16th here. Repeats these same layers a 2nd time after a mini drum break.
(**)-[01:53.400 onwards] Huge jump in difficulty for the chart. What used to be a peak of 16th stream for solo, turns into full-blown brown jumpstream in 16ths, mixed with 16th jumps. Songs most likely getting rated based on this section alone. It works, but that’s what it is. Side note that it may take away from the file having this hardest bit at the very end after a minute and a half of playing.
(**)-[01:57.854] Missing 16th. Happens again at 02:03.672. I promise it exists there.
(**)-[02:06.036] Another missing 16th. Pretty interesting considering it doesn’t happen in other nearby patterns, except for its counterpart at 02:08.945.
-[02:17.490] 16th definitely happens here. Not sure how I feel about it being omitted.
Interesting chart. Quite fair in the first half, and then picks up quite heavily in the second half. I personally think that 01:51.581 -> 01:51.945 is the correct raise in difficulty for a major transitional burst, but the entire song after that burst jumps 10-15 points higher in difficulty as compared to the rest of the file because of the jumpstream. I would try to tone that back down a bit, whilst keeping the 16ths to maintain the difficulty hike, while also adding a bit more layering to 01:28.672 -> 01:40.309. There’s a few missing 16ths here and there as well, that need to be looked at. Loved the patterning coming out of the 16ths guitar solo near the beginning of the chart.

> Permissions check pass.
> No issue with simfile properties. The black-bg.jpg found within submission folder contents. Suggest removing.
> Sync is good (No changes necessary).
(**)-[00:10.410 -> 00:10.756] Feels like it could be straight 16ths here, with a 2343 pattern, and breaking on the 16th. 16th stream is played with immediately after this pattern, so by no means is justified by holding back.
(**)-[00:14.333 -> 00:14.795] This is, instead of 16ths until stopping on the 8th arrow, should be 12ths both on 00:14.487, and 00:14.641, following the synth guitar. Happens again at 00:18.026 -> 00:18.487, 00:21.718 -> 00:22.179 and 00:25.410 -> 00:25.872.
(**)-[00:44.333] Doesn’t feel like there’s enough here to make that 8th have value. Should be the same as 00:40.641.
-[01:05.679] These two 16th sections should really be attached together by the 16th right here. I can see that they are following a progression by the drums, but pitch relevance is following the guitar.
-[01:18.487] By this point in the chart, thought’s come across that a souped up, mid-80’s or higher version of this chart should be stepped, with all the nooks & crannies filled in.
(**)-[01:32.333 -> 01:32.795] This specific part should follow the guitar on 12ths, and maintain the drum 16ths afterwards, as it transitions into 12th guitar.
-[01:39.372] Again, same situation, think that these two 16th streams should be tied together by the 16th here on the right.
-[01:57.141] 16th here is quite inaudible. Suggest removing it, realistically okay because it follows the pattern in its set.
(**)-[02:01.410 -> 02:01.872] Same situation as earlier with the 16ths that should be connected 12ths. Happens again within the same section at 02:05.103 -> 02:05.564, 02:08.795 -> 02:09.256 and 02:12.487 -> 02:12.949.
-[02:50.795 -> 02:58.180] I really like the 32nd bursts happening in this section. Gives a real nice flair, and a pattern you very rarely see.
(**)-[03:04.295] Missing 16th.
Very nice file. I love the guitar in it, makes me wish that also a harder version of it is stepped. Fingers crossed that somehow these judge notes are able to pierce the void and spark the idea of making a harder version. Most prominent issue in the file is a 16th transition that should really be 12ths going into it. At first I thought ‘well maybe the 8th needs to be moved to later on the following 16th’ but after some examination, it does appear to be 12ths. Apart from that, there’s a missing 16th here and there that need to be cleaned up. This file is definitely a lot more balanced in terms of difficulty The Oni Wars, so it’s got that going for it.

> Permissions check pass.
> ‘Music’ property in simfile properties is set to ‘Year of the Bad Dragon (The Quick Brown Fox Piano Cover).ogg’ when it should be set to .mp3 instead. Music will not load. Please make sure the music can be properly loaded for next time. Changed to .mp3 to make this review. No other issues found within simfile properties. Submission folder contains .sm.old, .ssc, and .ssc.old. Consider removing.
> Sync is off by -0.035 (+0.035 in ArrowVortex Music Offset, -0.035 Overall). Timestamps for these notes are based on this Sync.
-[00:38.435 -> 01:16.235] Right out of the gate, going to say that the difficulty spike for the 16ths & 32nds area in contrast to the rest of the file is so radically different in scope, that both of them sort of merit their own files in terms of difficulty. Don’t really think it would be appropriate to open up as a 15 - 20 difficulty song for a full 38 seconds in and then we’re playing a 50 difficulty song, and then play a 15 - 20 difficulty after 30 seconds of that for the rest of the file. I think it would be more appropriate in terms of difficulty to cut out all 16ths & 32nds here, and only use 8ths, and even then if it were just straight 8ths, it might be a little too hard.
-[00:39.035 -> 00:40.835] Good example of sections that can dial it back outside of just straight 8ths. Each of the triplets here can be summed down into the single 4th.
-[01:46.985] 16th here a little too hard. Suggest removing.
-[02:21.635 -> 02:24.035] Also needs to be toned down to just 8ths.
This file is going to need a major overhaul to make it work. I’m throwing it into conditional queue if you’re up to the task of overhauling it, but my general thought is that it won’t, as it will need restructuring of 8th positions as well. Keep in mind that .mp3 file situation in simfile properties also needs to be fixed if a fix is sent in for it. Also on a personal take, it feels like there’s a few chords in this song that are off. Unsure if that is fixable since you mentioned in the batch post that you were also the artist, but figured I’d point it out at the least.

Sayonara Cosmonaut (TheToaphster) -- [/10]
> Skipping this one because this is somehow in easy batch and I’ve been told it’s already been approved lol.

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