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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Almost There [Standard] - Accepted
Looking back at it, the first two points I mentioned, I do agree with you on there after looking through it multiple times. I guess on my mindset, I had it set to where I was focusing on the flow and how the file would go to and fro like a story perse.

With that being said, 1:13.363, there's a ghost note on there. Not sure if its because you have the rate set to 50% but with my headphones on I can't really distinguish that 16th with any sound at all. Might have been an accidental add that could be easily removed. But other than that, the file is good to go :3

Decretum - Accepted
Accepted due to the reasons Xel gave to the file.

Dead Alus - Accepted
Sync is fixed
Fixes were made where warranted, I still disagree with the hands but I guess those are fine to be placed since they're going with the crashes.

Does the Microwave Oven Dream of Electric Sheep - Needs fixes
[Correct PR]
If the PR was 1234, and if you've sent the right version, then the intro hasn't been changed at all. And the guitar does go changing back and forth on the first four notes.

- For the jump in 9.226, I was saying that it was a ghost due to the sound of the cymbal as opposed to the jumps on 9.005, 8.564, and 8.122; the sound itself isn't strong enough to warrant the jump as it is very, very faint compared to the other cymbals
- For the jump on 35.152, that is one quiet guitar melody, even after lowering to to 50% rate and upping my volume a bit (normally have the volume set to 40 when using headphones). I still can't hear that guitar melody that you say that it goes to.
+ 1:09.023 - I stand corrected on that.
- For the two 48ths, it doesn't have a prominent sound placement for it and even if the 8th does go to the precussions, the two 48ths feels very much out of place and there. Most of the time, when I say ghost, it is due to the lack of prominent sounds in the file itself where said notes are presented.
- In regards to the solo, there are cymbals going to the 4ths that you are blatantly ignoring the jump placements for thos, hence why I was saying that if you're going to follow putting the jumps on the 8ths for the riffs, then you need to remove the jumps that goes to the cymbals. If you're going for the cymbals, then you have to layer the cymbals as jumps. You can't just simply just exchange the jumps without proper justification.
- Missing a jump on 2:31.106 if you're following the jumps to the riff.

Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion - FIX SYNC
*note: I had to change the .mp3 file because the name for it was just jumbled gibberish that my Etterna could not load the audio file properly and was causing Arrow Vortex to not load the audio file properly.
- sync is still off by a 64th and later on by a 48th
**example 1:
**example 2:
- And I made a slight error on 6.857 but there should be another 32nd on 7.533 upon hearing that section again.
- For some reason, the sync is still not fixed at all. I'm not sure if its in regards to your global offset or what, but its not fixed and it sucks because the fixes are made in terms of the patterning and whatnot lmfao. And yes, this is the correct version that I have.

Sonic Vision - Accepted
Fixes are good to go

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