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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
Also a Charu nk makes no sense to me. AA was strongest town for most, and Charu didnt seem like he was blue. He was playing totally normal
Charu NK makes a lot of sense. Sometimes aiming for a top town if you're not role hunting isn't the best because what if they got a read of Charu acting a certain way under the suspect of third party? Normally I'd agree with this line of thought but Charu is Charu and reading him is bull shit.

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
Oh, and now that we're past D0, I'd like Zenith to know that his "I hate d0 bullshit" excuse for not doing shit won't fly anymore.
No matter how much you hate D0 you fucking post even if it's meanial nonsense.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
mindmeld, a good sign hopefully
I dunno if I am the only one who absolutely cannot read charu for shit. Is it just me?

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Only one nightkill? and it's fucking Charu?

So it looks like that A: there probably isn't a third party and B: Charu was right about somebody.

Right before the day started I was re-reading EoD and saw that Charu said that. It blew my mind and I wish I would have called him out for it sooner.

That said, he was VT, so I have no earthly idea what he was thinking there.

I would love to hear an explanation for this

It's shitty that he got modkilled for only copying a part of his PM.

I mean, rules are rules and I mean no disrespect to Sunfan, but wow. I don't really know how to feel about that.

Having been at EoD and knowing how fast and lose it was, I doubt a scum Xel threw this out there to look more towny super last second. As far as I care Xel can be welcomed into the Strong Town Pile of Town People.

This makes those who where pushing super hard early on super suspect.

Freaking why? Please explain this. The timing is really bad for this vote considering the timestamp and wagons that where going on. You're normally a champion of picking between ongoing wagons tbh

Hold on, am I missing a post or wheren't you the one that was copying YoshL?
Although I want to hear both of you give a reason to switch last second.
On lack of third party:

Originally Posted by TWG Ike View Post
Cardflips: On, full role flips w/ accompanying Role PM. (If the PM has the names of other players, these names will be redacted, as well as any private chats)
KitB: On
Phantoms: Off
Insta: On
OOTC: Off, any private chats will be able to converse during the night and day phases.
No-lynch: On
No-kill: On
Nighttalk: Off (Excepting private chats)
# of posts that must be met each phase: Off
24 hour pregame confirmation phase: On
Items: On (Items cannot be passed from one player to another)
Corpselooting: Off
I bolded it for you.

I kinda get why Yoshl voted you but a solid explanation would be gr8.

It depends how you interpret the rules, and tbh copy pasting any part of your PM is against the rules, so yeah. It SUCKS but tbh I don't know if the last minute vote swaps would have had an impact. But it sucks, and I do wish I had gotten the hammer because being vanilla town losing the PR is totally worse.

Gonna have to disagree with you on lumping me hard town for a reason Charu himself stated. I have made a post like that, in hopes of preventing mayhem before, knowing it can earn me town points would make that gamble worth it because the rest of you could flop to a prominent AFK.

That's me speculating on it, and don't lean me for this. I just think you should adjust your read and let me earn it. I played a CRAP day zero.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
like I said, I saw pazzaz check in 2-3 times for 30~ min and not post anything which is pretty wolfy
Lemmie confirm this for my own sake but are you saying it's wolfy because of popping in saying "this is fine" an dwatching, or because it's a tell? (Just in case here.)

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
not sure why you'd assume there are no extra 3rd parties because there are plenty of 3rd party roles that don't have killing powers

like lyncher, for one
Ayy. I didn't really know that tbh. But even then, no-kill is on, and frankly maying using it early isn't in their best interest? Either that or they have to meet a requirement to get their power. I recall that being in a past game.

Tldr: I'd be really impressed if there was no third party, but I think wolf hunting is more important atm.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
did anyone besides me actually discuss haku?
I recall making a mention I didn't want to lynch him, and the reasoning why is that he's not doing his usual implosion. So I wanna watch it play out more but it's not a bad sit back either.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
it's strange because haku usually manages to attract a lot of attention to himself regardless of alignment and he's just been passed over this game

yeah he replaced but there was plenty of time left
Do you think scum Haku would have finally started learning from his mistakes and start acting this way as a method of prevention to himself? (Pardon if that's worded POORLY. It might be.)

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
1: I like YoshL a little better now. Seems like he's calmed down and is trying.
2: Fuck those players too, but they each at least have one post or more IIRC.
I personally think a nonaggro yoshl is more frightening than one reaming my ass hole with a ten foot pole.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Pretty sure I pointed out I thought I saw Haku's wolftell on the same page he first posted in.

Pretty sure I was the only one going at YoshL for awhile

Pretty sure I was the first one (or really early) to scumread DFR, and the first to vote for him.

Pretty sure I was one of the first to call out Freezin's big post as garbage

Pretty sure you're full of shit.
Would you reference the post with Haku's wolf tell for me please? (I'm lazy.)

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post

1 - Charu has too many post for what little he actually was saying most of the time

2 - He was on Andy's nuts the last leg their after that "I'll toss a coin" post.
What's interesting is that, Andy being a new player, I can totally see Wolf Andy thinking he's been caught and trying to get rid of the only player who noticed. And fast!

Then again I can see someone more experience seeing that situation and thinking Ah yes easy framin' boys

Whole thing stinks. I do want to see more Andy posts though.

I can agree with this perspective, but I don't recall Andy and Charu having any interactions too hard outside of that. Am I misremembering?

Goddamn it.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Hey Xel, Haku

How have you guys been?

Just hangin' out for the last 20 minutes I see

Must be nice over there where y'all at.
Was prob less than 20 minutes, but seeing you nit pick the who is here is a plus, not one I'd usually assign.

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
I'll catch up on the thread when I get to work in about an hour. Charu seems weird though, I agree.

Interesting that you'd phrase it as "charu seems weird" instead of say "why charu?" or what have you.

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I think you guys should discuss about creating a lynch pool of inactives and use these interactions as a mean to continue the game in the right direction.

While that true, I think it's a bad idea to keep ignoring them "hoping they will eventually get active". It's also giving you all the chance to see what the others think about it.
I disagree with inactives. We need to compile a pool based on Charu / Freezin' interactions.

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
Also, a "follow the vote" could be interesting for tracking purposes.
A follow the vote with the CFD attempted at EoD isn't a logical choice right now I feel. Maybe I'm missing something.

Originally Posted by Pazzaz View Post
Ok guys, I'm alive! My role kind of kept me from posting the first day, sorry for not being part of it, I'll post a long post with my thoughts later today.
That's VERY interesting... Can't say I trust you on this.

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
So, I was moved to a new area, there was a super drunk dude who made a run for it, but I think we've caught him, and there is this handicapped scanner thing for opening doors that is beeping randomly and University Police don't know how to stop it. Fun night.

Here's some spicy WIFOM for you:
Charu attacked my weak EOD play, calling me a wolf.
Wolves know I'm town, so getting other town to lynch me saves a wolf through this next phase.
To convince the town I'm a wolf, they kill Charu who was the only one really suspecting I am a wolf, in an attempt to show Charu was onto a wolf read.

As for the coin flip thing: I was really at a toss-up between who I thought was most scummy, Xel or Freezin. I didn't actually flip the coin. I felt Freezin's attempts to admonish himself from our scrutiny were heartfelt and Xel I didn't get the same read from. Therefore, vote on Xel.

Yes however, the wolves are focused on role hunting rather than framing you. It's a really weird thing you'd jump to this defense, maybe because you're new, but I try my best to not use that assumption to justify anything. However, if the wolves really wanted to frame someone, why not kill say, Yoshl or roundbox.

Roundbox would have been a MUCH better choice for such a tact.

Originally Posted by Pazzaz View Post
Ok, I've been thinking about the consequences of what I'm about to say, I hope this provides clarity. I thought about keeping this a secret but I will have to say this before the EOD incase I die so here's the truth.
I couldn't speak D0 but instead I received the ability to switch the positions of two people at the beginning of N1. I switched AragakiAyase and Charu. This is why several people reacted weird, they thought AA was gonna die or atleast not that Charu was gonna die. So if I die as town, AA is confirmed town (or the wolves tried to kill one of their own lol).


From now on I'm normal townie and will be scumhunting. I'll post my thoughts about everyone later.
Alright, that's an interesting role...

Originally Posted by Pazzaz View Post
No not really, that was not why I chose him. Yes, choosing a scum and a townie and the scum then dying would have been good but the chances for that happening would be pretty low. If I choose two people who are probably townies, if one of them die then I'll know the other is a townie too. I didn't want to throw my ability way and have it not affecting anything.
Alright I got you. That's a great tactic of sorts.

Not sure if it's fair to ask TWG_Ike would him sharing if he did the switch during the night or the day be allowed?


Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
I don't really follow

if you pick a townie and a scum, and the townie is targeted but the scum ends up dying, don't you get a similar result of the townie being pseudo confirmed? I think your claim is believable but just trying to make sense of this
Get the fuck out my head.

The string of Zenith's posts now, don't impress me in the least.

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
I'd like to talk about tokzic. He seems to fit that inactive thing you're going for with only 23 posts., and more importantly I'd like to talk about his vote on me. Ifor you read back to it, it actually feels quite forced. He just "has a strong gut read" on how woofy I'm being. I can see this being a world where he rolled lyncher and me the lynched, or even simply him being a woof and trying to fake reads on people like me. But even so as he has this strong read on me in the end he goes and votes for xel. He jumps on that wagon for seemingly no reason despite his read on me.
I was intrigued by the swap to.

Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
For now, we can assume AA is not part of the scum team (based Pazzaz). If we find there are two scum teams then we need to throw this out of the window.
After sleeping on it, MML is probably town?
Good news is that since there is a lack of counter claim or soft counterclaim we can yay sit tight with having two cleared towns for easier reads.

Originally Posted by Wineandbread View Post
Zenith's string of posts pg 60 are promising for activity. Still a bit defensive about his d0 which is nothing surprising at this point. But if you're gonna call out fluff posts, maybe don't post your own fluff posts.

It seems merely observational and not analytical. I'd like some thoughts from him about the Pazzaz development when he comes back.
Zenith's post string honestly just shows a lack of true fucks given for the game. They go into a cold hard void waiting to embrace us all.

Indheart mind melds with me a bit on Yoshl. It's gud to know I am not the only one. InD is sittin in that dank town pile though

which atm is

I wanna lump yoshl here too, but I wanna see a little more play out. I'm only on 63 though as of writing this.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post

....alright then
I think it's more people are tying up other options first and using the day to full effect.

Not a single smart person I think would keep andy off the table right now.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Where I stand right now.

A Ayase
- Mentioned mutiple times he seems towny, pretty cleared by Paz
Xel - That post from EoD, and the fact that his wagon started simply because Roundbox can't be bothered to do work before voting anyway, makes me feel good about him. He had a shit d0 but hoping that'll change this phase.
Pazzaz - is probably telling the truth and following that logic he's town.

YoshL - Seems alright. We mindmelded for awhile and he makes solid points most of the time. His game got hella better this phase.
Zenith is probably is town because he's always a little bitch when he's town. Glad to see he's at least considering solving the game.

Storn could really post more, but he isn't what I would consider an inactive.
WiB Is just now coming back into the game. Keep posting, bub
Precarious needs to make a comeback. Did he ever do a solid post? A reads list? Do I not remember them?
Shadowolfe is always hard for me to read. He hasn't totally lost his shit at me this game which is nice, albeit out of chararcter for him. I could see him being scum but there isn't a strong reason to believe it right now.
InDHeart is playing recap episode. I like this considering how far behind he was, but I want to see more before placing him

V needs to fucking post
Gold Stinger needs to fucking post
Tokzic needs to fucking post

Haku is probably a wolf, but the vacation story checks out so I am hesitant to paint him red.
Andy's post still doesn't look right to me, guys. No one else sees it, so maybe he is horribly misplaced on this list. But he's awfully wise about some things and not about others, and that rubs me the wrong way.

Roundbox's only real contribution is starting a bullshit wagon on Xel, who as it turns out is probably town. Had he bounced back and tried something else he wouldn't be this far down, but that's it. In near 100 hours that is it.
danceflashrevo Never made me feel better about him, I don't see alot of new post that strike me as good, and I agree with AA that he isn't projecting town like he normally does. I had him down here mid-d0 and he's still down here.
I can agree with your completely town pile. I'd add a name to it though.
I disagree with Zenith being anywhere but null or scum. Considering solving the game & solving the game & trying are two HIGHLY different things. But I'm tunneling hard tbh, so take what cha want outta it.
I'd like to see storn drop a reads list
wnb I can agree waitin a bit more on
precarious meh.
Admittedly shado feels off, but I can't tell if it's a he seems more calm, or if it's a "he's fishy"
I think the recap is a good thing as he's offering new insight and a lot of it is GOOD SHIT.

Agree on latter half, save for dfr / roundbox.

So in short mine'd look like

AA <- Towns

WnB <- town lean

GS <- Type:Null

Zenith <- Would lynch atm

reads subject to change*

Let me explain the roundbox read though.

I was being an obnoxious FUCK in the game by refusing to do more than shitpost. Roundbox formulating a shit wagon on me and looking for my tell can sure be wolfy because if he can incite the reaction he wants, it's an easy mislynch. HOWEVER, I don't think round would do that in this time in the game if he was scum because an easier wagon on freezin was there. A wolf could just ride the wagon or pick on an afk like I was doing. I feel Roundbox was trying to clean up a potential mess for town.

If that makes any sense.

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
omfg there goes our most active poster.


so there's guns in this game?

**** **** *** ****** TITS.

... We knew it couldn't be that easy with items on.


Worth noting that modifyer there.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Guys I am legit triggered I didn't fucking expect a role that kills in the fucking daytime
What's it called... Modified voodoo maybe?

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
It's not Pazzaz.

I believe his claim is legit, and he said he bussed 2 players, AA, and Charu - 2 townspeople.

I'm worried right now because the current turn of events was dfr getting pressure from AA and MML (i think, still hav en't reread) and AA getting day vig'd.

I want to say the most likely person to do that is dfr at the moment, but it seems so fucking easy.

if only this reaction wasn't god awful forced feeling, i wouldn't be willing to look at pazz

second suspicion falls to shadowolfe for overreaction:

I'm not exactly sure why you're adopting such an alarmist point of view.

17/20 players is about equivalent to 11/13 players, or one day phase of a normal 13 person setup assuming 3 wolves. Like, you seem to be blowing the urgency of the situation out of proportion to make it look like you're in a more desperate haze trying to scumhunt, but all you're really doing is not actually reading people. you've said "if you are town" to multiple players like, telling them to play better but not actually scumhunting at all?

final suspicion is haku.
instant fixation onto "gunsmith" throws up major alarm bells, given that according to the OP, items are on. Noting the other reactions that people gave to AA being day-vig'd, literally the only person that seemed to be primed to think of items was Haku, and I'd daresay that it's surprising given the intelligence of mechanical play and setup understanding he's shown in the past
Jesus fuck yoshl do all the work for us why don't you o.o

Originally Posted by Precarious View Post
Several things here. Does "Not included in initial PM" mean AA was unaware of his own modifier? If this is the case, then there may be personal and global effects that we're not aware of. Not much that can be done about that, but it's worth keeping in the back of our minds.

More to the point: it's highly likely that AA was killed by a wolf (although this speaks to the inexperience of the wolves if so; a wolf daykill is more dangerous if saved, as it can collapse a LYLO situation into an instant loss). Now, while dayvig roles are fairly common (at least in other mafia communities, I can't speak for custom here), wolf daykills are much rarer, and anonymous wolf daykills are unheard of (precisely because they're so powerful and balance-breaking). That suggests that an item was used, and as has been pointed out, item sharing and corpse looting are not in effect. It's possible that this was planned, then, but given the Paz claim, it's likely that the wolves were caught off guard by the lack of an AA death. That means AA's content on both days (but especially today) probably points to a wolf or wolves.

There is one other possibility, though. Can a vanilla town player still have an item? It's worth noting that AA was an archer, and died via an arrow shot. I would argue it's possible that he was otherwise vanilla, but possessed a shot that somehow was reflected back at him, either by item or ability (I'm not familiar enough with FE to identify a cross-mechanic for this--a physical shield? A reflect spell?).
I was considering it but given the game theme I think "arrow" is used because archers are a thing in FE but I don't think a person with say a musket is. I think it's just flavor text based on game theme.

tldr: who do we think would:

A: Make an AA night kill originally? B: AND make the Charu kill in case of Pazzazz nonsense.
C: Who has highest odds of selecting to shoot during the day on AA? D: Do we still trust Pazzazz's claim?

Compile and form a lynch pool and we could prob go from there I think?

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Also yes. You are indeed speaking to a thick-headed individual here.
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