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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
For me; it's between Pazzaz/ShadoWolfe/Andy-o24.

It could be an orchestrated setup with 2 players too, but I don't want to go there today.
It's not Pazzaz.

I believe his claim is legit, and he said he bussed 2 players, AA, and Charu - 2 townspeople.

I'm worried right now because the current turn of events was dfr getting pressure from AA and MML (i think, still hav en't reread) and AA getting day vig'd.

I want to say the most likely person to do that is dfr at the moment, but it seems so fucking easy.

NOOOOOO, why did he have too die!!!!??? He was the only confirmed town for me and he goes and dies.
It's also pretty bad now that this doesn't even prove that I'm town. Why couldn't you have killed me???!!!!
if only this reaction wasn't god awful forced feeling, i wouldn't be willing to look at pazz

second suspicion falls to shadowolfe for overreaction:

Also, look at everyone. There's 17 players left, and we haven't found a single fucking scum. If you're town, you have to be looking at everyone or you're only helping us lose.
I'm not exactly sure why you're adopting such an alarmist point of view.

17/20 players is about equivalent to 11/13 players, or one day phase of a normal 13 person setup assuming 3 wolves. Like, you seem to be blowing the urgency of the situation out of proportion to make it look like you're in a more desperate haze trying to scumhunt, but all you're really doing is not actually reading people. you've said "if you are town" to multiple players like, telling them to play better but not actually scumhunting at all?

final suspicion is haku.
instant fixation onto "gunsmith" throws up major alarm bells, given that according to the OP, items are on. Noting the other reactions that people gave to AA being day-vig'd, literally the only person that seemed to be primed to think of items was Haku, and I'd daresay that it's surprising given the intelligence of mechanical play and setup understanding he's shown in the past

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
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