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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

some spicy reads before the day's out

AA (Town lean) - There's been a couple of things that seem a bit suspicious like how the argument between them & Freezein dropped quickly and was part of what got my attention in the first place to vote Freezein, but has posted a lot of stuff helping town imo.

storn (Null) - I will admit that I don't think I've paid enough attention to storn's posts and the line of questioning that Charu put on him, and some of his earlier posts I'm finding myself not agreeing with. However, his more recent posts about voting I do agree with.

YoshL (town lean) - The interaction between dfr & YoshL earlier on in the game gave me really strong town vibes from both of them. For YoshL in particular, it was the aggression but it slowly tipped off around the same time YoshL & others were arguing about analogies. YoshL really hasn't posted all that much since then. Really wish he'd have kept the same sort of aggression but just toned it down a little bit. Got next to nothing instead.

wineandbread (town lean) - Not very much to go off of since a substitute in, but I did like the content post that he did recently. Specifically pointing out the Zenith stuff which was nice since I overlooked that.

roundbox (null) - Guy's doing 1 word posts and it's just sort of hard to get anything out of him really besides some reasoning as to why he put his vote on Xelnya. He brings up a good point imo that Xel is probably the better lynch candidate than Zenith here, since not only was he doing the arby's act early game but also talked a ton more shit than Zenith.

MML (town lean) - me & him had an early mindmeld and I like what he's pushing out there for a lot of other people, but again it's one of those things where I wish I could reread just to make sure. Haven't had a lot of chance to reread stuff since just recently I became a Community Moderator on some other website. Ultimately I blame his formatting tho bad formatting MML I blame you no takebacks you said it yourself.

Xelnya (scum lean) - Hasn't imo really contributed to the overall pressure & opinions that are happening, and has been more focused on shittalking really. He would be my 2nd vote this day but FreezeinIce is taking the cake for me on this.

Precarious (Null) - hasn't posted yet, looking forwards to a good quality post if he can get one in before EoD.

V (Null) - his words are like butter it might just be me but I think I might be too dumb to actually understand his poetry without reading it really really hard, and I only read through his stuff once. Regardless, he's not in a position where I'd like to see him gone right now.

Haku (town lean) - I liked a couple of the posts he made from when he subbed in, but I'm still not sure what to think yet, especially with him saying that he's going to be inactive as fuck probably after today since he's travelling.

FreezeinIce (top scum) - What didn't I like about what he's said so far? I disagree with the way he checks for wolves, I hate it that he even put that out there as if he could come back to it in the future to secure his case, he made multiple votes early into the game and then rescinded them sometimes in the same sentence but left the vote, there was also that one situation where pressure between him & AA immediately stopped because he got told by someone what to do instead of maybe putting pressure down on it. And they are sticking to that mindset in choosing their votes through a possible EoD lynch. A lot of people right now are saying that because the reads post looks super pretty that's a valid reason to go in on it but I'm not seeing it. Even then, everything else is enough for me to warrant my vote there.

Shado (town lean) - He's made a couple of quality posts that I agree with around page 15 - 20 into the thread I forget exactly where. I'd like to reread just to confirm as I was in the middle of doing so but then something came up for me on another website that I had to take care of. Again gotta say I'm not a fan of people clinging to me because it makes me think people are trying to save face (especially when they're drunk <,<) but for right now, there's worse out there.

Pazzaz (Null) - dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks

Charu (town) - Dude's contributed a quite a bit to discussion and I think he holds the best post in this entire thread right now of voting who you seriously consider the worst and figure out the nitty-gritty later. Don't spend time overanalyzing just to make your vote, get it out, spit your reason, and be done with it.

Andy (town lean) - Early on in the game he got into a match with YoshL, and had quite a couple of things in there that screamed noob town to me, of which YoshL was riding off of. I believe those types of responses under that pressure is a good sign that he's trying, he just doesn't know where to go with it quite yet.

gold stinger (dicks) -

botchi (Null) - the fuck? I didn't know botchi was playing this game what the fuck

dfr (town lean) - His emotional outburst in favor of andy I believe is showing strong will to display that he's willing to get himself into possible bad situations this game. Also, the majority of posts afterwards in the thread were mostly commenting on things people have said/saying what they liked/disliked imo so for right now, they're not helping find scum as much as I'd like to see them doing, but they're doing alright for right now.

Zenith (scum lean) - Dude feels like he doesn't want to play, and is not being very open with everyone else about how they feel on interactions and votes. Feels very bottled up, but I don't necessary feel like voting because it doesn't feel alignment indicative to me. Just feels like the dude doesn't want to play. It is kind of screwing with town right now though so I'm leaving it as scum lean for now.

Tokzic (Null) - I don't necessarily know what to think of him yet, I believe I need to reread his posts. If I'm not mistaken I think there's a lot of agreeing/disagreeing with others but ehhhhhhh.
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