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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
hey Xel

remember last game where I called you a wolfy fuck and you had this reaction?

because I do
So you're telling me that I was actually right when I said you didn't actually think I was wolfy and you used to this as an attempt to see if it was a tell or not.

Which you know, I could see this being a particularly note worthy tell. In fact it'd be a damning one. I can see where you come from.

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
Xel I'm not sure of. I wasn't getting wolfish vibes, but it's definitely a possibility since he feigns anger fairly well as wolf and that seems to be his go-to response to pressure (except for the last turbo where he was like "yeah fuck this I concede".
Look this isn't relevant to the game, but to be frank I think people read my posts with a significantly different tone than I do. A lot of my posts contain strong harsh , childish insult language, and unless you've voice chatted with me frequently, admittedly I understand how that is the case.

However let me swing back and go back into what my original post to roundbox showing intent on me:

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Shitpost, serious post, all of them are useless posts.
Very blatant sarcasm.

However to be fair:

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Oh you, that's like the easiest fucking thing you could do, isn't it. SIt there comfortably knowing you stand a chance of obtaing the easiest mislynch possible.

Cute. Top-tier. Really good.
I do give him the reaction he thinks is the tell he's looking for, and zero explanations I give for this are relevant tot he game and won't sound like a pity party.

If I were actually wolf this game goddamn roundbox, I'm sorry man. You'd have fucking wrecked me. Like dude, holy shit. It's JUST NOW hitting me how damning that sort of reaction is.

You picked a game where I rolled town to do it though, and it really sucks for me, because frankly I don't have a counter argument.

I'm gonna flip town guys, but shit, at least I know that if I WAS the scum team I got fucking schooled in the most basic way possible.

I can accept that.
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