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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
i didnt reread yet, so i missed some days of posts.

skimming, super surprised that freezins analysis of me completely ignores the fact that my activity has plummeted to near non existence after the initial outburst of shit at the beginning of the game, and that ive left a vote on haku and done nothing else recently

@V the problem with what youve said about AA is that for him, investment level is never indicative of his alignment
Damn, that post when you realize you agree with YoshL
Well I still have AA in the town pile, but yeah most of this and the followup post are spot on.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
wait don't you have scumreads in that big post? why don't you pressure them?
I'm embarrassed because I should have been the one to use that point, instead of trying to explain why not to lynch actives for like the third time.

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
+1 It's actually quite easy. See my posts.

Also +1

Zenith should get over himself and contribute. I don't care if he's wolf or town, his attitude is garbage and I'd rather see him provide bad analysis than essentially "I hate the people who play this game, so I'm gonna be inactive"

AA you're cleared from my initial scum read. Your posts seem genuinely intent on solving the game, and none have stuck out to me as weird like the initial one I mentioned.

YoshL I still read town, Xel is still kinda scummy but I'll put him on null, MML is playing like MML plays from what I've seen. I misread him in a turbo game, so my input on him is useless.

Inactives are inactives, and I think it would be wolfy attitude to try and convince the town to shoot in the dark at them especially since the wolves know they are town. I'd much rather lynch on some information than no information.

I can get behind the freezin lynch because of that, though I do thank him for postulating wolf strategies. I'll hold off on my vote for now, but he's top spot for me.

The rest I'm too lazy on right now and have class in an hour. Maybe after class I'll give some more feelings.

Even the new guy is harsh on my play damn. But that's ok Andy because Imma call you out

Where's your original take on these events? Why do I get the sense that your post is merely a Best-of collection?

Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
Okay, time to state my case on Xelnya.

he's a wolf

Xelnya had a decently long shitposting phase, but his shift to game playing was very minimal at the start. I know for a fact Xelnya's wolf game has improved, but I feel like he's slipping a bit. One of these tell take signs of his wolfiness is reactions to a case. I'm not sure how I feel about AA and V jumping on so fast, as I was being a literal idiot in regards to presenting his case. The fun part is my case is actually a serious one. When I initially presented it, he was very angry and heated about being a "mislynch." Last game and some previous instances of his wolfing, he followed a similar pattern. I would like to see this out. I have some other potential candidates in mind, but this one stood out the most.
First spoiler triggered me

I am not on the Lynch Xel train but feh, unvote . Try and make tgese kinds of post before you vote next time please.

[quote=Precarious;4492169]I'll be at work and then restaurant trivia with friends until pretty late tonight, but I'll be back before the day ends. Not sure how much I can contribute today; the reason I signed in to replace rather than start was because I knew this week would be busy for me. I thought there were supposed to be two people ahead of me on the replacements list, but whatever. I'll get caught up going forward, but my contributions might be limited today.

Here are some quick observations from the first few pages before I go.


This is the first thing that jumped out at me. It criticizes a policy lynch vote (that was probably made as a joke anyway), then tries to actually justify it.


Originally Posted by juckter1 View Post
Charu is a wolf[/QUOTE

Charu made a throwaway "worthless post" type comment to juckter after juckter's opening shitpost, which elicited this. Seems a little overly defensive.


Tokzic's Marth claim when there's no Marth in the list is weird. I haven't played any games with him previously, so I don't know if he tends to do this kind of stuff (although it sounds like he might), but it still feels a little off to me.
Regarding my dig at Haku:

Haku was not in the game at that time and the joke is that I made an earlier post where I thought he was+lurking

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
I will because you signing up and then acting like this is incredibly childish

this happened last game and it's happening again where you just express disgust at the game and then don't do anything, it's a terrible attitude and stop playing if you're going to be this way
I mean he could be wolf but

I think he would be more active and agressive as a wolf then he is now. That's strictly a meta read, but it's strong enough for me to play him slight town.

GGarbage town, but still town.
Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I'm trying to reevaluate his play. I want to believe he's posting all of this for a reason. If he don't, I'll encourage the lynch.
Between this and Haku's other post I think I see his scumtell, guys
But after Turbo VII I expect Haku to drastically change meta so I don't know of I want to vote for him
Haku, do be a pal and continue the hard work, eh?

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post
If you're talking about the first post I mention AA, it's where i say andy's jump onto AA feels choreographed, i've never really addressed AA's content at all.

Nice reading comprehension - please make sure that when you're attempting to sling insults at others that you aren't under a pile of horseshit yourself tyvm
Fucking brutal.

I'm ok with YoshL
I don't really like Charu's reentrance, he parrots the sentiments regarding Freezin's post abd everything else is lackluster.
I don't see any DFR post that make me feel better about him
WIB and Pre need to catch up in thread I think.
Already addressed Haku
I...don't know Storn's meta that well. He was a wolf in Boats and it seems like he's posting similar, but I dont know his town game.

I would probably support a Freezin lynch, but welcome Freezin to make another post and show me he's trying.

I would still support a DFR lynch, but again, I welcome him to try and change my mind.

Xel kind of needs to go ahead abd start scum hunting now.

not 100% sure on Haku and Storn. If no one else sees anything on Haku's post I'm cool with letting him live til tomorrow.

Absolutely will not lynch AA, Paz (altho he is acting lile cancer) or Zenith (...also acting like cancer)

I'm ok with V atm

Sorry i'm rambling lol

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