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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by R.E. Aryxi View Post
I mean I guess it would be how super aggro yoshl was for most of the game and how he pushed him as aggressively as he did.. a bit unnecessary but I guess it's good for the game. Nothing else besides your yoshl+andy+dfr and yoshl+your interactions really drew my attention. I wouldn't call it weird though.. there were some points during yosh+dfr+andy interactions where posts were alignment indicative but other than that it's been kinda meh to me.
Alignment indicative how? What points?
You just dropped a "reads" list that didn't mention Andy or YoshL or DFR or MML.

Actually, I'm ISOing you right now and there isn't a single mention of them at all throughout the entire thing aside from that one post after you finished reading thread.

In fact, 100% of posts were shitposting until #398 and #399, in which you said that DFR was null, implied null on YoshL "I can agree with some of the points that Yoshl had with his reasons", said "Andy is doing good to try to get tha ball rolling though", and didn't really leave a read on either of the above. Then you say you normally mindmeld with Lar but aren't this game, without actually going anywhere with it.

To make matters worse, your followup post is an afterthought of a reads list with three nulls, one "u good"(me), and one "null to wolf lean", without actually providing any basis for any of those reads (or even the slightest of reasons other than "meatball subs suck", or having ever mentioned anything about any of those people before. That made me wary, because it felt like you had thought you should put a reads list down, but couldn't really figure out what to say or what reasoning to give, so you just put names and memes down to look like you're hunting.

Then, things got even worse. MML asked why his game felt weird to you, and you respond with #401 (aka the quoted post above), in which your first sentence about YoshL doesn't relate to anything anyone's said or asked. More importantly, though, you take back your implied weirdness of MML's game and say that "there were some points during yosh+dfr+andy interactions where posts were alignment indicative". Problem with that is, you had just nulled basically everyone there and hadn't mentioned anything "alignment indicative" in your reads post.

That's contradictory. Even if it weren't, this sort of vagueness and hesitance/indecisiveness alone is something I'd expect to see in wolf R.E. Aryxi, not town.

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I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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