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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

I mean I guess it would be how super aggro yoshl was for most of the game and how he pushed him as aggressively as he did.. a bit unnecessary but I guess it's good for the game. Nothing else besides your yoshl+andy+dfr and yoshl+your interactions really drew my attention. I wouldn't call it weird though.. there were some points during yosh+dfr+andy interactions where posts were alignment indicative but other than that it's been kinda meh to me.
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So I'm minding my own damn business, right? Some scrub that plays some of dem dank games comes up and randomly says, in the most monotone voice, "hi". I was baffled, if not, stumped from this noise that was produced from that memers throat. I wanted to know the deep dark secrets to this mysterious noise. I started to research the meaning of life as I took the data from this encounter. 25 years later, I discovered that I was a piece of paper.

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